Lisa Abraham: Arabian Horse National Judge Course sponsored by Al Shaqab Stud (QAT)

Text and Photos by Lisa Abraham

Directly following the Qatar International Show in Doha, on March 13-14, 2017, took place an Arabian Horse National Judge Course. It was sponsored by Sheikh Hamad bin Ali Al Thani and Al Shaqab Stud with the cooperation of the Doha Racing & Equestrian Club. The Arabian Horse National Judge Courses are designed as a first step for those who are interested in judging Arabian horses at the level of National. The esteemed instructors of the course were ECAHO Class A Judges: Claudia Darius (DEU), Marianne Tengstedt (DKN) and Mohamed Machmoum (MAR). This two day course included: classroom lectures which covered several topics such as International scoring systems, categories of evaluation and conformation; field exercises where live horses were scored; and finally, individual testing in which the instructors evaluated the overall knowledge of the participants.