July 22nd, 2018


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International reference in the Arabian Horse Breeding, the Vila dos Pinheiros Agropecuária began breeding in 1990, when it acquired the first matrices of renowned breeders from Brazil and the world. Thus making a selection of matrices and stallions that would be used on the basis of HVP creation. The whole base was generated on top of the lineage of PADRON and BEY SHAH, lineages of exceptional matrices.

Highlighted for MAGNUM CHALL HVP, sold to 60 days of life, being exported to the USA, where he was numerous times champion and after being an NATIONAL AMERICAN CHAMPION, returned to Brazil to become a BRAZILIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION. Haras has also produced stallions such as BURMAN HVP, Exported to Argentina, LANCELOT CHALL HVP, LAMAN HVP ​​National and Exported Champion, VULCANO HVP, this last National Champion twice and today a great breeder, serving also headquarters of HVP Haras.

The HVP selection work, raised the genetic potential in a way, that the Haras became a showcase in the eyes of the world, receiving, thus, a visit of creators and trainers from all Continents.

TITLES - Haras HVP has always been among the best in Brazil. Conquering important National titles. In 2013, he was Reserved Champion at BREEDERS CUP, an exhibition of great importance to the breeders. And in 2016 the CHAMPION OF THE BREEDER'S CUP was consecrated.

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Morro Torto - Indaiatuba-SP