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Belvedere Farm LLC

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Phone: 770-748-7577

Mobile: 706-402-9258

Belvedere means “a beautiful place” in Italian. The name is well suited. On visiting, one is immediately struck by the captivating beauty: the beautifully updated original residence, the rolling hills and stately trees, the green pastures encircled and divided by wooden fences which nurture some of the most beautiful Arabians in the country. And then of course there is the barn and related training facilities. Calling this structure a “barn” understates the facility so completely you have to see it to understand. A visit quickly reveals why this beautiful farm has been named Belvedere since the early 1800’s. Once it was a 4,000+ acre working southern plantation. Over the years, most of the property was converted to timber land that today surrounds this Arabian farm consisting of approximately 160 acres. It is located in the friendly and small southern town of Cedartown, Georgia. It is convenient and easy to find being only about one and one half hours from downtown Atlanta and about the same from the Atlanta airport. Belvedere Farm is true to its name in every sense. It is a beautiful place.

Belvedere is the home of the Womble family: DeeDee, Mickey and the children, Benjamin 18 and Sarah Beth 14. Mickey had the original passion for the horses, but Sarah Beth has it too. Once Sarah Beth started competing and capturing the ribbons, DeeDee joined on as well. Like most who have pursued their love of the Arabian, this family and Belvedere has had its fair share of challenges. Most notably was the fire that took the original stables and four Arabians as well. At that time, Mickey led the effort to breed, show, and market mostly halter type Arabians. There were a few riding horses just for fun. The fire took the facilities and the tack but losing the four horses was a stinging blow to the spirit. Those who have experienced a fire understand it is a dramatic and hurtful experience. Feeling this loss and without a suitable facility, Mickey sold most of the breeding and show horses keeping a few of the favorite family horses. That is where Sarah Beth had her first experiences with Arabians.

From her earliest years, Sarah Beth would ride in the saddle with her Dad on long trail rides through the farm and surrounding timber land. These were magical times and the bond between Dad and daughter, and between daughter and Arabian, were permanently forged. These times healed the heart and when Sarah Beth decided it was time to start showing, Belvedere Farm came back into the Arabian business. Mickey had already designed the replacement barn in his mind. Soon he undertook the construction of the grand facility that centers Belvedere today.

Owner: Mickey Womble

Trainer: Tara Carpio