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Better Way Farms

Carrollton, Georgia (get directions)


Phone: 404-391-9262

An exclusive farm nestled in West GA just outside of the big city of Atlanta. Better Way Farms is managed by Chuck and Nancy Janosik, who reside at the farm.

“It’s all about the horses” as Chuck would say with a grin.

As a member of the Marhaabah Legacy Group, we are dedicated to breeding the best of the best and being mindful of not breeding just to breed. We have a remarkable stallion, but are not blind to other stallions that can improve our mares.

Our Development program starts from the ground up using Natural Horsemanship skills. “I grow better babies” Nancy says proudly. When they leave the farm they are respectful, curious, brave and playful. We continue our Natural program with our “elders” and returning youngsters, developing ourselves and our horses as we go.

We love the Arabian breed – loyal, loving, brilliant, beautiful and fun!

Owner: Chuck and Nancy Janosik