Bittersweet Arabians

Missoula, Montana (get directions)
Phone: (406) 531-5330

At Bittersweet we believe in breeding for quality. Our mares have some of the finest bloodlines in the world. We breed them to what we believe to be the best stallions that will produce an Arabian horse of excellence. We strive for the best structure, movement and trainable dispositions. We produce Arabian horses that can compete worldwide in halter, sport horse, performance or pleasure.

We believe in working with our clients before and after the sale to help any way we can with training, nutrition and health. Many years of training, learning, showing, watching and listening have gone into this passion of the Arabian horse, a gift of beauty and love to share.

We would love to share our horses with you. Our promise is to be accessible to you. We will become a team to help you and your horse attain excellence in whatever you do.

Owner: Lan LaRoque & Sara Glidden

Trainer: Jordan Simons