Frank Sponle Show Training

Gansdonksweg, Germany (get directions)
Phone: +49 176 70118009

The story of the Frank Spönle show training is very well known from all those involved in the Arabian horse business. 20 years rich of success and satisfactions. Countless champions all over the world made this training center famous worldwide. Frank had the pleasure to have in his hands some of the greatest horses of the breed. Some of them are milestones in the history of the Arabian horse. After more than 10 years spent in Kevelar, in 2008 Frank moved to a new state-of-the-art facility only a few kilometers away from the old farm.

The farm is located in Geldern, a small town that lies in the plains of the lower-northern Rhineland, west of the Rhine. A long driveway with high trees on both sides brings you straight in front of the stallion barn that can host up to 20 horses.

The remaining 60 boxes are dedicated to mares and fillies and youngsters. The barns have high ceiling and plenty of light. Every box has a door to a small outside paddock. The farm is provided with a big indoor arena and a high tech walker machine for 8 horses. The whole farm is surrounded with green fields and paddocks where the horses can graze outside and the young ones can enjoy each other's company. 

Owner: Frank Sponle

Trainer: Frank Sponle