Hanaya Stud

Schleinikon, Switzerland (get directions)
Phone: +41 44-856 09 95

I have been around horses all my life and my very first horse was an Anglo Arab mare. But the very first encounter with a Purebred Arabian horse was a real gift to me. A Prince from Saudi Arabia was visiting with my family, I was a 17 years old girl and he told me he would gift me with an Arabian mare. And he did. Shortly after I received Aisha. I could never register her in the Swiss Stud Book as back then the horses arriving from Saudi Arabia were still not recognized by any Stud Book. Even though she was never recognized as a Purebred Arabian, I still decided to breed her and had three foals out of her, that had been registered as Partbred horses.

The very first Arabians I purchased came from Egypt, nearly 30 years ago. This was the beginning of Hanaya Stud and my breeding program.

Horses always meant a lot to me. They’re a very important part of my life. Even my first pony had some Arabian blood in. My horses are like part of my family. Most of my free time is dedicated to them.

Owner: Nayla Hayek