Mahogany Hill Arabians

North Stillwater, Minnesota (get directions)
Phone: 612-710-6730

Mahogany Hill Arabians is a full service facility offering world class training, boarding, breeding and marketing for Arabian and Half-Arabian horses. The facility is located in beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota. It is less than 20 miles east of downtown St. Paul, and just minutes off Interstate 94.

Although Mahogany Hill Arabians is a fairly new establishment to the midwest area, owner/trainer Jordan Simons has grown up embracing the Arabian breed. Jordan has dedicated many years to gaining experience from some of the most elite halter trainers in the country. He is enthusiastic about showing the Arabian horse world what he has learned through out the years, and watch Mahogany Hill blossom to it's full potential.

Jordan has many years of experience managing and training show horses. He as earned professional titles both nationally and internationally at Scottsdale, US and Canadian Nationals Breeders World Cup, and Brazilian Nationals. Jordan was also nominated for the 2009 Arabian Professional & Amateur Horseman's Association (APAHA) Rising Star Award and in his very first attempt as a breeder, bred U.S. National Champion Filly Valori TRF.

Mahogany Hill Arabians is excited and committed to helping clients achieve success and in seeing their dreams come true. We welcome and look forward to your inquiries about our services. 

Owner: Jordan Simons

Trainer: Jordan Simons