Michael Byatt Arabians

New Ulm, Texas (get directions)
Phone: 979.357.2614

Described as holistic, a sanctuary, ideal for animals. All of these are apt descriptions for Michael Byatt Arabians; a place that has a tone set in another century, where the ideals were strong and the mood non materialistic.

While Michael Byatt Arabians can boast one of the most successful records of all time, winning titles from one end of the globe to the other; and one whose breeding program has influencedPond and Flowers Arabian showing and breeding more than any other in the world; it is the peace and serenity of the place itself, the joy of living with Arabian horses that strikes the visitor as the most important aspect of Michael Byatt Arabians.

One hour west of the metropolitan city of Houston, Texas but of another world, Michael Byatt Arabians is home to some of the most influential horses of the breed.

Owner: Michael Byatt

Trainer: Michael Byatt