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Psynergy EQ is the natural progression of Psynergy's commitment to serving individuals experiencing mental distress and the founders' love of the Arabian horse breed.  Psynergy EQ brings together the natural lessons of working with people and the Arabian horse for the benefit of marginalized groups. Psynergy Programs is developing additional natural living environments for individuals that experience mental distress and emotional trauma. At he center of this evolution is the idea of Psynergy EQ– living, understanding, teaching and working with natural resources and natural environments to achieve more meaningful lives.

The relationship between man and animals goes back centuries. Horses are one of the few species that have become domesticated and have become integral parts of the human psyche as healers, helpers and heroes. For several thousand years, the Arabian horse lived among the desert tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabian breed is the oldest known breed of riding horse with a rare combination of intelligence and gentleness. They are, possibly, the breed that has been in contact with humankind the longest.

Animals have assisted humans in many jobs from search and rescue to protection. But the history of using animals to help heal people is also long. A care home in Bethel Germany with more than 5,000 current patients has used animals as the center of the treatment approach since 1867. The North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) has grown from 10 rising centers in 1969 to almost 600 today. The movement to transform repressive and isolating mental health systems started over 25 years ago in Trieste, Italy with the symbol of a Blue Horse representing freedom.

Therapeutic work with animals has inevitably grown to an interest in using horses to facilitate therapy. Research is now providing evidence as to how animals help facilitate healthier, happier humans. Mental health professionals have developed a modality called equine facilitated psychotherapy. Psynergy Programs has a commitment to incorporate the best research and most effective methods of using the natural relationship between people and the Arabian horse to improve the lives of the individuals we serve.

Can grooming and riding horses foster recovery from mental illness? According to a recent article published in the Psychiatric Times, the answer is "yes." Evidence continues to accumulate; more rigorous controlled studies are being conducted, resulting in the emergence of a significant body of literature supporting the therapeutic value of the human-companion animal interaction…" An article reviewing the benefits of animal-assisted therapy has even appeared in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.

Equine Assisted Therapy allows the participant to have control over the horse and find a confidence within themselves that they may have thought lost. They are able to form a bond with the horse and socialize with other individuals with similar illnesses, thus lifting the isolated feelings that they may have experiences. Equine assisted activities raise confidence and esteem levels and give the participant a sense of accomplishment and self worth.

Animals can facilitate positive changes in a person's life by creating opportunities to improve physical, social, emotional and mental support. Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy creates an opportunity for individuals to bridge the world that they have known to a world that they can create. The dynamic experiences of observing, working, grooming and even riding a horse develop strengths, social skills and sense of self. The psychologist Carl Jung describes the impact that certain images can have on a person's view of themselves. One of his archetypes is "The Enduring Horse", the part of ourselves that never gives up. He saw the horse as an icon for the work of transcendence and liberation (Henderson, 1964).


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