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Rivero International finds its genesis in the vast rolling plains of Uruguay – on the ranch of Ricardo’s father Alberto Rivero.  With more than 100 acres, the ranch offered young Ricardo an abundance of room to roam, to uncover exciting discoveries, and to cultivate a rich imagination.  But the ranch also became an opportunity to learn how to work and to work hard, a place to appreciate the benefits of hard work, and fertile ground for the possibilities of the future.

Ricardo’s equine education began early:  learning to train  horses to ride, to herding cattle, to winning endurance races, and to successfully competing in the show ring.  Though Ricardo and his father were the first to bring Arabian horses to the world of endurance racing in Uruguay, it was the halter show world that captured Ricardo.

At 9 years old, Ricardo led his first horse, a weanling filly, into the show ring.  Together they left the rings as champions.  “It wasn’t a really big show but it was my first win.  I was super excited,” remembers Ricardo.   Tutored by his father, a successful trainer and showman himself, Ricardo started from the hoof up:  cleaning stalls, feeding, clipping, conditioning, schooling and showing.  The endless hours and the long days crafted Ricardo into an international show man.

By age 18, Ricardo claimed his first National Champion in Uruguay.  “That particular National Championship was perhaps the meant the most to me because it was my first National win,” admits Ricardo.  A host of other National winds would follow:  U.S. Nationals, Argentina, Brazil, the Egyptian Event, the Las Vegas World Cup, Columbia, Dubai, Saudi, the United Arab Emeritus, Poland, Scottsdale and a pile of Regional wins.  Significantly, Ricardo was twice named Halter Trainer of Excellence at the Vegas World Cup show – unanimous decisions by the judges and show committee.

Following basic fundamentals and an extraordinary work ethic rooted in his father’s Uruguay ranch, coupled with exceptional talent and commitment, Ricardo and Rivero International opened their new facilities on September 1, 2013 – welcoming clients from around the world.

We invite you to join visit us, to experience the beauty and magic of the Arabian horse, to find your next champion or back yard companion – and to join the family of Rivero International.

Owner: Ricardo Rivero