Sycamore Arabians

Edenton, North Carolina (get directions)
Phone: (252) 482-4813

Located just 10 miles from Historic Edenton, NC, Sycamore is a 102 acre farm situated on the beautiful Albemarle Sound with moss laden cypress trees lining the shoreline. Sycamore was once a plantation with land grants dating back to 1694.

We purchased Sycamore 25 years ago and at the time the land was leased out as farmland. Two years after we moved to Sycamore, we decided not to farm the land and let the fields sit for a while. The fields, which are now pastures, were mowed for 12 years until we fulfilled our dream of having horses on the farm. We started out rescuing horses and then decided to make the farm a working farm again. Our idea led us to develop a breeding farm with our favorite horse, the Arabian horse. Now our rescued geldings take care of our weanlings and the mares that cannot be put together in the same paddock. Having these beautiful and intelligent creatures around us is like moving art.

All of our horses are given individual attention and loving care and they are handled daily to instill a confident and gentle nature. Also, to maintain the qualities of soundness, type and conformation, we provide the best of health care and nutrition. We care about our animal's mental and physical well being, therefore we only sell to those that would treat them the way that we do.

Our belief is that through the eyes of horses, you can see their soul; all good, trusting, and a loving nature.

Owner: Al and Chloe Cox