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2011 US Nationals News & Reviews, Tuesday
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October 25th, 2011


The competition at the US Nationals is intense. Everyone has high hopes for a good performance - so sometimes it's nice to get away from the fray and have some quiet time - perhaps some retail therapy will quiet those nerves.

This year the commercial exhibits at the US Nationals are an eclectic mix of high-end fashion and accessories for the Arabian horse community and all of their four-legged friends, as well as some rather interesting choices. Take a stroll through the Exhibit hall and you can be the judge. Whatever your tastes or needs are, you can be sure to find something to delight you.

What I find interesting about the commercial exhibitors is the number of them that have been participating at the horse show for well over 25 to 30 years. Many of these people are small business owners, artists and entrepreneurs, who work hard and do something they truly love. They live a bit of a Gypsy life, traveling from show to show selling their wares and supporting the Arabian industry. They provide most of the supplies that horsemen need for their profession, as well as things to enjoy. In this way, the commercial exhibitors are a very important part of the Arabian horse community.

Show Season is a perfect example. They create many

of the beautiful hand-tailored garments worn by the western, hunt, and English competitors. Over the years, their clients have become more like friends and family. They receive direct personal consultation on appropriate fabric choices and styles for their competition division. Each piece is designed and crafted for that individual using the best fabrics and materials. Many of the western outfits include hand-sewn appliqués and brilliant Swarowski crystals to achieve an absolutely stunning effect - and no two are the ever the same. Just as important as the meticulous attention to detail and the reputation of the quality of Show Season products are the client relationships that are created. Ask a Show Season client and I am sure they will say that they feel more confident in their class, knowing they look their best.

There are many other exhibitors who the Arabian horse community has come to depend on too. They provide our needs and they make a show more fun. Its all part of what goes into a horse show - outside the ring. Stay with us everyday as we bring you the news and reviews from around the show at the 2011 US National Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse Championships.

Enjoy these new pictures from the show and check back everyday for a glimpse of what's going on around the show - outside the arena - because there is definitely a lot more going on for you to enjoy!

Story by Beth Ellen Hunziker

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