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2012 Scottsdale Show Blog - 2/22

15412_mediumThere is a phenomenon that happens every time I go to a horse show; I get so caught up with the horses, I forget the time. The quip, "Time flies when you're having fun", totally describes my time at the Scottsdale Arabian Show. I can't believe that on Wednesday, the show is already half over! The youth classes are done and the results are now a part of history. The focus of the show is now directed to the adult amateurs, the professional trainers, and their horses.

Among the horses to show are the yearling fillies and colts that showed in the preliminaries on Saturday. They will now be coming back into the ring for the second time and the judges will select their top ten, as well as choose their first and second place picks from the class. Those two horses will come back on Sunday for the championships. The momentum is building, but first the judges have to make their cuts. One of the yearling colts that will be coming back into the ring on
Wednesday morning is OFW Wan And Only (OFW Magic Wan x OFW Jewelee by Padrons Psyche), owned by Luciana Fasano of Fazenda Floresta and presented by David Boggs. Luciana has a passion for Arabian stallions; she also owns National
Champion AAS-Elishahh, National Champion Eccentric Valentino, and the straight Egyptian stallion Al Hadiyaa AA. With his pedigree and high quality, OFW Wan And Only is a great addition to Luciana's stallion herd. Luciana Fasano is a strong supporter of the Scottsdale show, both AAS-Elishahh and Eccentric Valentino are nominated Scottsdale Signature Stallions and will be featured in the Scottsdale Signature Stallion Auction tonight, Wednesday, February 22nd at 6:00 p.m. at the new Scottsdale Signature Stallion Auction Pavilion Tent on the west side of West World.

There will be 168 stallion services auctioned off tonight, making the payouts and the Scottsdale Signature Futurity the premier futurity program in the country. In fact, more than $590,500.00 will be paid out at the 2012 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show to those horses that are a result of the Signature Stallion Auction or the offspring of a nominated Signature Stallion. The stallions participating in the service auction are truly some of the very best stallions and sires in the breed. Don't miss the Stallion Service Auction and the opportunity to participate at future Scottsdale shows with your signature offspring. For more information, visit the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show website at www.scottsdaleshow.com/breeding-programs. We'll see you at the show and at the Scottsdale Signature Stallion Auction tonight!