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APAHA - Prize Money Incentive Program
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September 4th, 2009

The Arabian Professional and Amateur Horsemen's Association, the APAHA, in cooperation with the Arabian Horse Association, will introduce a new Prize Money incentive program at the U.S. National Championship Arabian Horse Show in Tulsa Oklahoma, October 23-31, 2009.  The system is modeled on the hugely successful Reichert Celebration.   Money is raised through the sale of "slots" and paid out to slotholders based on their placings in the class.

As an added reward, the winner will receive an orginal Dale Chavez Trophy Belt Buckle that will commemorate their accomplishment for years to come.

The program will begin with one class, and the aim of expanding it to additional classes in future years.  For 2009, the Purebred Arabian Western Pleasure, Jr. Horse class will offer the Prize Money incentives to its competititors.  Fifteen slot holders will compete for a total of $52,500 dollars in prize money.  The slots are already sold and the competitors are preparing their entries.  APAHA sincerely believes that significant prize money is the way to increase excitement and participation in our shows, and to stimulate the industry as a whole.  We look forward to awarding this money, and the Dale Chavez buckle,  to the winning competitors in October, and see that leading to an enthusiastic expansion  of the program. Anyone wanting more information on this program can find it at the website for the Arabian Professional and Amateur Horsemen's Association,