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January 31st, 2013

18226_mediumGreg Knowles of Arabian Expressions is located in sunny Scottsdale, AZ.  The Arabian horse has been a huge part of Greg's life, beginning in 1979.   Greg was first introduced to the Arabian horse upon a visit he made to Mr. Howard Kale's farm in Seattle, Washington.  A trip he will surely never forget!

Throughout his career Greg has had many successes, some of his most memorable were the four years in a row when he won the US National Championship in the fillies division and on the fifth year he came home with the Reserve National Title in the same class.  This is quite an accomplishment having never been done before!  When looking for the perfect show horse Greg believes that the desire to work as well as true charisma are the most important characteristics a horse can hold.

When asked what Greg's favorite horse show was he quickly responded "SCOTTSDALE!"  The beautiful city and perfect weather make for an amazing atmosphere for a horse show.  What really makes the show amazing is all the wonderful people who join together with the same passion, the Arabian Horse!

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