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Menu Spotlight - Bay Area Equestrian Center's Interview with Lynn Almond, owner of Bay Area Equestrian Center


1. Farm Name and location
Bay Area Equestrian Center , Pearland, TX

2. What year did BAEC begin in the Arabian Industry?
BAEC was founded in 1996

3. How did you begin in the Arabian horse industry?
Lynn has ridden Arabian horses since she was a kid.  Her career in the Arabian industry began when she worked for Kent Caldwell, an Arabian horse trainer from Texas.  After college she knew she wanted to make a lifelong career out of the Arabians and therefor started BAEC.

4. What is the most memorable prize you have ever won with the horses?
In 2004 a 7 year old student of BAEC purchased a young horse.  This horse had never been shown before.  Despite their concerns about this young lady showing a horse without much experience this young team went on to win a Top Ten title at Youth Nationals that same year.  Lynn was so proud of this young girl and her horse, they worked together and made it happen.  In that same class the National Champion roses went home with another BAEC rider.  Such a memorable day.

5. What is the most important quality that you look for in a show horse?
Their Brain!  They must have the desire and mental ability to do their job.

6. In your opinion, who is one of the most inspirational person in the horse industry?
Laurie Long - we are so fortunate and blessed to have her here training with us.  Laurie is desperately passionate about her job, these horses, and their riders.  She is dedicated to teaching these children all they need to know from Eq patterns to the life lessons learned through the relationship one builds with a horse.

7. What is your favorite all time horse show and why?
Youth Nationals - BAEC is a kid focused barn.  Youth Nationals is a positive horse show that teaches camaraderie and sportsmanship.  There are so many life lessons that are learned through this sport and this horse show is in some ways a closing to the years lessons.

8. Finish this sentence: If I'm not with the horses you can often find me ...
Playing with my 2 young children ages 3 and 7.

9. What the public should know about BAEC
We pride ourselves on bringing outside public in to the horse industry.  Through our riding school and lesson programs we encourage new people to come and ride an Arabian any chance we can.

10. What is your favorite characteristic of the Arabian breed?
Their personality and athleticism.  I believe they are the best family and kid horse.  They are always looking to bond with their owners.