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As a child Istvan Merchenthaler loved to watch his neighbors horses, always dreaming of the day he would have a horse of his own.  Growing up in Hungary, horses had always caught his eye.  Then, one evening in a small library, he saw a book with the picture of a magnificent, white Arabian stallion. At that moment he promised himself that one day he would own an Arabian.  In 1988 Istvan and his wife Agnes moved to the US and started Pannonia Arabians.  Shortly after their arrival Agnes purchased a mare for her husband (WN Taste O'Honey) from Wayne Newton.  Istvan showed Honey in the amateur class and got top 10 at the US Nationals in 1994. A couple of years later, they bought one of the last Fame daughters (Memphis NA).  When Memphis was bred to Magnum Psyche, her colt became the first National Champion Magnum colt. Later, Memphis was bred to Gazal Al Shaqab and the result was PA Gazsi.


When looking for a show horse Pannonia Arabians focuses on prettiness and type (short dishy face, huge dark eyes, small muzzle), well-set curvy neck, short and smooth body, good legs and motion, and show attitude. Their long-term goal is to breed typey and functional Arabians.  These are all traits that they feel can be found in their stallion PA Gazsi.  Beyond beautiful and typey, Gazsi is a true gentleman, he is noble and extremely friendly with people.  He is a perfect combination of beauty and masculinity.  PA Gazsi was born with a damaged ear, he was laying abnormally in the womb and the ear suffered.  Due to this damaged ear, his beginning as a breeding stallion was not easy, mare owners were hesitant because they weren't sure if the ear was a genetic trait or an injury.  To prove to the world that Gazsi would not throw the ear malformation Istvan and Agnes decided to breed 4 average mares free of charge.  Among these 4 foals, 3 were fillies.  One of which is Ghazalath Al Khalediah who quickly became one the best fillies in the World.  Last year, they had more and gorgeous foals out of better mares, but the real excitement will come this year when high quality mares will have their foals by Gazsi. So far, each baby has been better than their dam. Each is prettier and dishier, with well-set curvy neck, smooth body and good legs, making Gazsi a valuable sire.


PA Gazsi will always hold a very special place in the heart of Istvan and Agnes.  When he came to the world it was obvious immediately that a new star was born.   Their vet assured then that he has seen this ear injury before and within a few days the ear should straighten out.  Agnes spent hours every day, for weeks, massaging his little ear.  Unfortunately, the ear remained as it was, but the baby became nicer and nicer every day. Gazsi and Agnes became best friends; she always kissed his muzzle.  At the age of two, Gazsi left their farm and went to Delaware and later onto Scottsdale, Arizona.  He now stands at Guzzo-Rivero International. Whenever they come down to visit him, Agnes still kisses his muzzle. Then, Gazsi closes his big, soft, dark eyes, and you know that he remembers the days he spent with Agnes and enjoys the moment; a very touching moment that brings tears to both Istvan and Agnes.

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