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Arabhorse Spotlight - Jessie Ferranti & Brianna York

Name: Jessie Ferranti

Age: 26

Hometown: Carlton, MI

First prize ever won: The first prize I have ever won was showing western walk trot at a 4-H show when I was 6.  I think I got second place but I was very excited about it.  My sister was working at a farm and let me show one of their horses.   I guess they were testing me out to see if showing was something I wanted to pursue.  Like there was any chance I wouldn't be interested, I was hooked.

Biggest prize ever won: The biggest prize I ever one would have to be receiving top 10 awards this year at U.S. Nationals in Showhack and Sidesaddle on MA Poker Chips.  It was my first year at U.S. and I couldn't have asked for a better horse to show.  She was amazing and we had a blast.

What qualities do you look for in your show-horses?: The first quality I look for in a show horse is talent, but talent alone doesn't make a great show horse.  They have to be bright and willing to show.  I love when a horse is gamey, they are fun to ride and watch, they just stand out.

What motivates you to show Arabian horses?: First off, Arabian Horses are beautiful and so talented.  Showing is fun and gives you a rush but it is only part of it.  The social aspect of showing is amazing, going to shows and seeing all of your friends is great, we all have so many friends is so many different states it's incredible.  Don't forget the fun times you have at home with your "barn family", spending your days, with them, getting ready for shows makes the time in-beteen just as fun.  It's such an amazing community to be apart of.
Favorite all-time show horse, why?: Beetlejuice Betteljuice Beetlejuice!  Not only was he fun to watch show but listening to the announcer announce his name year after year at U.S. gave you goosebumps!
What advice would you give to someone seeking show-ring success?: Practice and work hard.  If you do your homework at home, when you get into the ring you can truly enjoy your ride and prizes will come.  Hard work pays off.
Most People don't know that: I studied abroad in India, Thailand and Dubai when I was in college at Michigan State, learning about International Lodging and Real Estate.  It was such an amazing trip and I learned so much about different cultures and met so many amazing people that I still keep in touch with today.
Name: Brianna York

Age: 28

Hometown: Corvallis, OR

Occupation: Horse trainer for Cheval LLC

First prize ever won: Well, my first ribbons were won on my wonderful first horse named Galens Gold.  We still have her and she teaches lessons at our farm.  As for Arabians I first won on, I was blessed with four lovely youth show horses who introduced me to the Arabian breed with their wonderful personalities as well as the prizes they blessed me with in the show ring.

Biggest prize ever won: I think that every win is special in some way, but the two that stand out in my memory most of all are the two triple crowns I was lucky enough to win aboard my hunters Liberty Valance V and MLC Denali.  Both horses have been treasured members of our family as well as sucessful show horses and their generosity has been unparalelled.

What qualities do you look for in your show-horses?: When picking a show horse, I of course always consider athletic ability and suitability to their intended job.  What I think I search for above all, however, is an essence of charisma or self-assurance that draws the eye.  We compete in classes at the national level that are overflowing with talent and quality.  Standing out amongst so much ability necessitates that little extra sparkle of individuality.

Most inspirational person and why?: I have been blessed with many influential people who have contributed to my eforts in all areas of my life, from school to show horses. I think the people who I have to take my hat off to would have to be my grandparents. They were two of the most upstanding, hard working and intelligent people I have ever been blessed to know.  Without them, so many of my accomplishments would not have been possible.  I also have to give a big hats off to my boyfriend, Thomas Loveless who is also the co-owner of Cheval LLC.  Without his patience and determination, my dreams of owning my own training business would be nothing more than big ideas.  Last but not least, my generous parents got the ball rolling on my riding career and continue to support and enjoy Arabian horses with me to this day.

What motivates you to show Arabian horses?: Having grown up showing other breeds and coming relatively late to the Arabian show circuit, I would say that my motivation for showing Arabians stems entirely from the purity of their spirit and their willingness to please. To top that off, there is nothing prettier than an Arabian, in or out of the show ring.

Favorite all-time show horse, why?: I would have to say NDL Pericles.  He is a paragon of Arabian talent, beauty and success.  I would be honored to one day have a horse half as versatile and sucessful as NDL Pericles in my barn.
What advice would you give to someone seeking show-ring success?:The most important element to success is hard work.  Every national champion ride is the culmination of many things, but hard work is the primary element which makes a win possible. My second piece of advice would be never to assume that you know it all.  One of the best parts of riding horses is collaboration with other trainers and riders who can teach you new things.
Most People don't know that I: am something of a  "geek".  I would rather read a book than watch tv and I used to boggle my friends when I wanted to watch documentaries instead of Greys Anatomy.
Talent I most wish I had: I wish I could speak horse for real! Speaking the language of our equine friends would help so much when I am trying to help a sick horse or making the effort to teach them new concepts.