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Arabian gelding Amurath Santiago is Hollywood Bound
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September 11th, 2009

6714_mediumGrisham Hill and owners Kerri and Ben Grisham are proud to announce that Amurath Santiago will be moving to Valencia California to join his family that just recently moved out there over the summer. He will be taking a break from the show ring and now will pursue his new career appearing in movies and magazines. He recently joined up with agency owner Gloria Winship of Animal Actors International ( who has impressive credits such as Lady Gaga video's Poker Face, Eh Eh, Love and Paperozzi. Movies such as Bedtime stories starring Adam Sandler and All the Kings Men starring Sean Penn, Kate Winslet and Jude Law to just name a few.

Amurath Santiago has proven himself to be a top show horse beating out some very well known horses to be crowned the unanimous champion at the 2009 Scottsdale Arabian horse show in the Signature stallion Championship Hunter Pleasure Maturity - ATR ridden by Elise Crisafulli. He also went unanimous 1st place in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse Geldings and Stallions ridden by Chris Culbreth.

The idea to look into getting Santiago an agent came when Kerri was getting requests from different photographers to use Santiago for their photo shoots. Santiago had already graced the cover of a magazine in 2008 for Images AZ.  When producers from Dead of Night Films approached Kerri about using Santiago in their Vampire film that will start shooting next year in California she decided to ask around about an agent.  Since Kerri is already in the entertainment industry as a make-up and special FX artist she asked some of her contacts about animal agents in Hollywood and that's how she came about finding one of the best in town Gloria Winship with Animal Actors International.

6715_medium"Santiago has proven himself a champion in the show ring and now it's time to move onto something else and show the world how special he really is and what he has to offer.   He is really the poster child to promote the Arabian breed, not only is he stunningly beautiful he is athletic, talented and intelligent, he is sensitive and knows to take care of me in my wheelchair.  It really doesn't get any better than this as the proud owner of an amazing Arabian horse". - quoted by Kerri Grisham