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Arabian Horse Days - Poland 2008
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June 18th, 2008

by Barbara Mazur and Joanna Krawczyk

The hot August days, during which Janów Podlaski State Stud will again welcome the Arabian horse world on its inviting premises, are drawing near. Remarkable guests from every corner of the globe will witness an extraordinary spectacle, which will contain all that makes Poland proud: the creme de la creme of Arabian horse breeding accumulated at the greatest of the European National Shows and Auction bearing the longest tradition of all.

The 30th National Show - Janów Podlaski, August 8th-9th, 2008
The Polish National Show will take place amidst the Janów architecture, lavishly bathed in green, already for the 30th time. History has shown that many of the horses which have earned a high position at this show went on to later become the elite of international show arenas and breeding barns. The later-to-be European and World Champions PIANISSIMA, EMANDORIA, PALMETA, EL DORADA, KWESTURA, PALANGA learned the ropes on the arena of Janów Podlaski. Amazingly many horses with European and World titles under their belt could not come through on home soil to seize the title of Polish National Champion... Who will appeal to the judges of the jubilee Show and who will capture the hearts of the public - this we will find out already on the 8th-9th of August, when males and females of all age categories will battle it out, beginning with the junior stallions on Friday, to the mares and senior stallions on Saturday.

The 39th Pride of Poland Sale
Encouraged by a continuous stream of successes of Polish horses the clients of the 39th Pride of Poland Sale should find among the offer that what they desire most: precious Polish lines in proven, accomplished combinations. Let's take a closer look at the heroes of this year's sale, who perhaps will soon leave the national herds to become the adornments of often distant and exotic stables.
The youngest of the Polish breeding centers - Białka Stud - has placed its bets on youth, putting up front a strong team of juniors. Among them the first to enrapture is the lovely and sweet as candy daughter of Ekstern - EKINA, who placed high in all classes that she participated in. A charismatic pose is the hallmark of CIRSZA - the female equivalent of the much titled and meritorious stallion Gazal Al Shaqab. This mare has the soul of a warrior and will not go down without a fight on any show ring. Huge, lustrous eyes, in which one can literally drown, an extremely long neck and unrestrained movement are the key features of CALINECZKA - the half-sister to last year's Polish National Junior Champion Stallion - Celsjusz. Calineczka has already proven herself a worthy broodmare, securing her maternal stud with a delightful daughter by Ekstern. Experienced breeders will surely turn their attention to PEREIRA, who descends directly from Białka's founding mare - Pentoza and who passes on the most valuable traits of this line to the next generations, including her daughter Perolia, who proudly represents the home stud at domestic shows under Białka's banner.
This year private breeding is represented by the youngster GARUNA, who won her class in Wels and thus was a nose away from the Championship, to later battle out the highest position at the international event at the distant and yet undiscovered arena in St. Petersburg in Russia.
The versatility and quality of the offer proposed this year by Janów Podlaski is beyond discussion - all elements which composed the increasing success of the stud in the last years can be found there. Reigning supreme at the head of this group is one of the last Eukaliptus daughters, honored with the title of Polish National Junior Champion Mare, AMRA, whose pedigree is composed just as beautifully as the most harmonious symphony. Further flavor is added by the fact that Amra carries the progeny of Ganges, whose first crop in Janów surpassed the breeders' wildest dreams. The extremely refined and blessed with exquisite movement ANDROMEDA can boldly stand in line with her titled stablemates, awaiting her big chance to shine with a light just as bright. CEFEIDA can easily become the adornment of every herd, as her pure-Janów distaff origins are spiced up with a pint of Monogramm blood on the spear side. The exotic beauty shrouded in the rare, black as velvet coat is ELWINGA, who entered "marehood" with a Junior Champion title from the domestic show in Bełżyce to her name. The daughter of everyone's favorite mare among the Janów herd - EUTENIA out of Eutona is capable, just like her dam, of winning the heart of every breeder. This collection is further enhanced by one of the most valuable broodmares - SAWANTKA, dam of Polish National Junior Champion Mare Sefora. A few gems are also hidden on the Silent Sale list, and among them a full sister to European and Polish National Champion Palmeta - PENALBA and the daughter of the unforgettable Pipi - PILBARA, too young and inexperienced to perform in the stage lights on the big scene, but their presence should not go unnoticed.
Finally let's take a peek into the largest barn, boasting the most spectacular successes - Michałów State Stud. A return of the much-meritorious Laheeb for one breeding season allowed Michałów to bid farewell to some of his eldest daughters. The first to shine is the exceptional beauty EGEA, a superb blend of Polish excellence with Egyptian refinement. Another noteworthy equine individual may perhaps be ELLISSARA, descending from Michałów's golden, most titled „E" family of champions. A perfect foundation for every breeding program will be the dependable, superbly balanced and experienced as broodmatrons daughters of Wojsław - ELLANDA and EWINA. Clients searching for show horses should turn their attention to the granddaughters of Monogramm: another „black as the night" beauty - WRÓŻKA (by Ganges) and the less experienced, but bearing huge potential WESOŁA NOWINA by Ekstern.
And finally the moment that everyone is waiting for, a one of a kind opportunity and a chance of a lifetime. Michałów State Stud has made an extraordinary decision to share with the world one of its greatest achievements, offering one of the most accomplished Polish mares, showered with titles of significance on both continents, a raving and unique daughter of Monogramm. An unprecedented offer in the nearly 40 year history of the Janów Sale, her appearance on the 2008 Pride of Poland arena will surely stir similar enthusiasm and emotions as her triumphant honor round after capturing the World Championships in Paris last year. This evening will forever etch itself in the minds of all present in Janów Podlaski, a moment not to be missed, to personally pay respect and express admiration for this phenomenal chestnut mare.

Open days at Janów Podlaski, Białka and Michałów Studs
As custom, the visits in the three State Studs and the chance of marveling at the most beautiful Polish horses in their natural surroundings are the completion of the Arabian Horse Days. Each of these breeding centers has its own individual history, different environmental conditions and distinct breeding methods - however all their work makes for the great tradition of Polish breeding and the joint, national success.
We invite you to join the celebration, among flavors and scents of the Polish countryside, where the Arabian horse is inscribed into the history and landscape as in no other place on Earth.