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Arabian Horse Galleries - AHA Delegates Pledge Over $40K
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December 10th, 2008

2008 AHA Convention Delegates Pledge Over $40K to Arabian Horse Galleries

SANTA YNEZ, CA- Staff and volunteers of the Arabian Horse Galleries presented new updates on the Arabian Horse Galleries to delegates and attendees of the Arabian Horse Association's (AHA) Annual Convention in Denver, CO November 20-22, 2008.

The first presentation, made to about 150 interested guests in an open forum on Thursday, November 22, brought visitors up to speed on progress and updates since the 2007 AHA Convention. Content of the presentation included recently released exhibit drawings, 6 months of construction photos, ideas and topics on several of the fun, high-tech interactive children's exhibits, and fundraising needs of the Arabian Horse Galleries.

"The Arabian Horse Galleries are happening," said Evie Tubbs, project manager of the Arabian Horse Galleries. "But it's as simple as this-- the more that comes in, the more amazing the experience for visitors will be. And the goal of everyone on its team is for it to be nothing short of glorious."

The 50-Club/$50K Challenge was then presented, challenging clubs/regions/farms/individuals to pledge $1,000 (the minimum pledge for permanent recognition in the Arabian Horse Galleries) with a goal of 50 pledges by the end of the year. Those able to pledge at Convention would be recognized to the entire room of 500+ delegates and convention attendees on Saturday morning, November 22, and credited for beginning the momentum of sacrificial giving on behalf of the Arabian Horse Galleries, a worthy and long-overdue tribute to the Arabian horse.

Over $12,000 was pledged by Saturday.

As Ms. Tubbs was recognizing these donors to the floor, dozens of individuals flooded the six standing microphones on the Convention floor. Within 10 minutes, the total pledge amount reach $43,000. Attendees were cheering, crying, shouting and offering standing ovations.

The last donor, John Morici from Fairfield Glade, TN, pledged $1,000 in memory of his daughter, who found inspiration in her Arabian horses.

Visit and click on "News" for a complete list of donors from the 2008 AHA Convention.


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