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Beshraka Egyptian Stud - Sale of the Century!
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May 12th, 2010


Amid the bustle of the Arabian horse culture, steeped in the grace, charm and style of our beloved animals, the delicate but significant influence of some special Individuals may be inadvertently muted. Such was not the case for my beloved friend and  foundation mare Beshraka.

It is with a deep sense of pride and love that I mourn her recent passing.
A beautiful daughter of Dalul, Beshraka represented the beauty, presence, personality, stamina, athletic abilities I strive to perpetuate in my program. She has left her mark on the breed and not the least of her legacy - JF Hatim. Sired by PVA Kariim, JF Hatim is a proven sire himself, producing foals of extreme beauty, and type, movement and size, he is now standing at public stud 2009.

Shipped cooled semen as well as multiple mare discounts are available. 16 hands high, dark eyes and a presence and charisma yet unmatched, JF Hatim has numerous competitive achievements including 1999 Top Ten World Colt and 2002 First Place Hunter Jr. Horse, and Unaninous Liberty Champion -Egyptian Event 2005. JF Hatim exemplifies all the majesty and splendor of the Straight Egyptian Stallion.

Beshraka Egyptian Stud has been breeding and showing Straight Egyptian Arabians for 17 years and although we are a small program, of which Hanan blood is a focus , I invite your inquiries as I have a few select  mares and foals each year available for your consideration.

Beshraka Egyptian Stud ~~ Desert Heritage Refined

Please contact us to breed or find your next Straight Egyptian Champion!

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