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Brazilian Nationals

By Marisa Rogério
Photos by Rogério Santos
Article courtesy of Tutto Arabi



A show with approximately 600 Arabian Horses belonging to 350 exhibitors competing in halter, cross country, performance, endurance, jump, barrels, team penning and showing an Auction that brought around US$ 1 million dollars, all being aired by a cable TV to all of Brazil.

That was the 2009 Brazilian National that ABCCA (Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Árabe) provided to Brazilians and foreigners Arabian enthusiasts that went to Parque Permanente de Exposição in Ribeirão Preto, Sao Paulo state, between November 18th and 22nd.

Halter was judged by Renata Schibler from Switzerland, Majdi Al Saleh from Jordan, Brian Ferguson, USA; Afonso Archila and Manoel Balarini both from Brazil. Two sire lines were the big winners with all five judges, and together they won 13 of the 24 titles of Champion and Reserve Halter Champion of this National.

Aladdinn sire line that since 1981 is very relevant in the Brazilian breeding program won seven Champions and Reserves titles. The Marwan El Shaqab, which is starting to make his mark in the Brazilian Breeding program, won six Champions and Reserves.

8906_mediumFrom Aladdin the winners were a grandson, two great grandsons and 4 great great grandsons. Form Carillon (*Laddin BA x AF Jade by Grenoble by Ansata Halim Shah) was Champion Senior Horse with four first places. He went to the United States when he was barely one year old.  Returned now to Brazil, imported by his own breeder, João Roberto Sorvilo of Haras Vale Formoso. The Reserve was Aladdin's grandson Voltaire Rach (Pavel Rach by *Armagnac x Vaal Rach by *Aicying) a bloodline that carries twice times Aladdin and four times Bask. Voltaire was bred and shown by Rach Stud of the brothers Ricardo and Paulo Saliba).

*RHR Ggisele (Echo Magnificoo x LC Psychesheiress by Padron Psyche) was the Champion Senior Mare with three first places. She arrived recently to Brazil from United States imported by Rodrigo Lorenzi of Haras das Paineiras, bringing with her several titles of champion, like  American Reserve Champion Filly and Reserve Champion Mare in Scottsdale.

With three first places the Champion Colt was HK Keav Power, son of Power World, a grandson of the American National Champion Strike, thru the imported *Wold Series.  The mother of Keav Power, HK La Rosa Laswan is the daughter of Laswan a son of the Russian *Prichall by Aswan. He belongs to Cesar Oliveira, a judge of Arabian  Horses within ABCCA and owner of Haras Katu. Cezinha, as he is known in Brazil, put together a condominium of HK Keav that is know as Keav Power Associates.

Vulcano HVP (Nuzyr HCF x Lady Psyche HVP by Padron Psyche) was the Champion Young Colt with four first places. He was bred by Haras Vila dos Pinheiros, one of the breeders that have won most titles in the last four Brazilian Nationals, and at the moment belongs to a group called Vulcano Alliance.

*HLP Darkyna Fame (Legacy of Fame x Arkyna HCF by Don El Chall) was bred by Carlos and Christhianne Roizner of Haras Los Plamares, Uruguay, came to Brazil to compete at the National and to be sold at Auction. She won her category and was sold to Leandro Aguiar of Haras Cruzeiro for US$ 125,000.00 and was Reserve Young Champion Filly with four second places in the following day.

Finally another son of Legacy of Fame, Bacano El Legacy (x Michelle HVP by Magnum Chall) was Reserve Junior Champion Male with two first places. He was bred by the Brazilian handler Rinaldo Longuini and shown by the Chilean Jorge Selume of Haras Santa Marta.

8908_mediumMarwan El Shaqab emerged with his get at the Brazilian Nationals for the last four years, and had at his National four sons and two grandsons as winners. *FA El Shawan (x Foxbriar Shakita by ZT Shakfantasy) that was already National Champion Junior Male and Colt. This year He tied with his brother Matisse FM (x Selkeet Promise Kept by Furno Khamal) in the scoreboards of the five judges. They each received two first and two second places. Taking into account how the National acts in tie cases *El Shawan was the champion and *Matisse Reserve. They were both imported from the United States. *El Shawan belongs to a group of four breeders known as El Shawan Group and he has started as a Sire. Two of his first generation were Champion and Reserve at the National Jr. Jr. Colt, both belong to the El Shawan Group. Unanimously El Shakhyr (x Madinah Van Ryad by Ryad El Jammal) received the title of Champion. He comes from Haras Canaã of Abel Leopoldino. The Reserve with four second places went to Prince El Shawan JQ (x Belly World JQ by Power World) bred by Dr. Jairo Queiroz of Haras dos Faveiros that had a double celebration. The first to prove the quality of El Shawan as a sire and second the quality of his young Power World JQ as a maternal grandfather.

Two daughters of Marwan Al Shaqab were Champion and Reserve Young Mare, both aired by Rodrigo Lorenzi of Haras Paineiras. Unanimously the Champion was Marwan Cristal RCA daughter of Crysteel by *Shamless, grandson of Bey Shah thru Fame VF. The Reserve Marwana HBV is the daughter of *WH Nashahna by Bey Shah. Being that Marwan Al Shaquab also has the blood of Fame VF thru the mother Litle Liza Fame, the two are from the line breeding of Bey Shah. Marwana HBV was bred by Luciano Cury of Haras Boa Vista and she is the first daughter of Marwan to be born in Brazil.

Five descendants of Padrons Psyche were winners at this National. One he was the father, 3 grandsons and one great-grandson. Psyche's bloodline dominated the Fillies Championship. The Champion was the daughter of Enzo by Padron Psyche called *Enjelicaa (x Anjelicoo by Echo Magnificoo). She got three first places and was imported and shown by Waldir and Carla Massari of Haras Vale do Luar. The Reserve was his daughter *Alyta PSY (x Alitafame by Fame VF) with three second places. She was imported and shown by Pedro Amaral of Haras El Madan.

Another daughter of Enzo, *Enzos Rose PA (x Tiaraa Rose by Echo Magnificoo) was Reserve Champion Jr Filly with two first places. She was imported and shown by Paulo Marques of Haras Martona and Carlos Menezes of Haras Stigmatas.

At the Championship Young Fillies, Padrons Psyche thru his son *Pscore (x RD Bey Shahnpane by Bey Shah) was responsible for the Champion Sherrize D' Pscore JM (x Hall Victory IN by RSD Dark Victory), bred by José Alves Filho of Haras JM, owner of the stallion *Pscore, and competitive the championship as the property of Princess Laetitia D'Aremberg of Haras Las Rosas that she has in Uruguay.

Thru his grandson JJ Senor Magnum, by Magnum Psyche, Padrons Psyche was also responsible for the Champion Jr. Jr. Filly unanimously won by Sahara Gallina (Glory HCF by *Cajun Prince HCF). The *Ali Jamaal sire line won four Champions and Reserve at this National. His son Ryad El Jamaal (x Roxanna EL Shaklan) main sire at Haras Vanguarda of Fabio Diniz was responsible for three Reserve Champions. The Reserve Mare Senior Champion Radisha Van Ryad (x HE Prima Donna by *Prichal) with two second places. She belongs to the Haras Sahara of Salim Mattar.

8905_mediumThe Reserve Champion Young Colt Eternity HVP had 5 second places. He was bred at Haras Vila dos Pinheiros of Jaime Pinheiro and is the son of aristocrat Taamara HVP by Don El Chall, also the mother of the Brazilian and American National Champion Magnum Chall HVP, and of several other successes of Jaime Pinheiro. Ryad is also the father of Reserve Junior Jr. Filly Champion, Belissima El Ryad (x Vip Lady JP by *Laddin BA with three second places.

The National American Champion Dakar El Jamaal of Lenita Perroy the breeding program, is the grandfather of the Jr. Colt Champion *Mazarati LBA (Mazkarade x Amelia B by Magnum Psyche) with three first places. *Mazarati was imported to Haras Sahara of Salim Matar that with this winning came out with two Champions and a Reserve at this National.

The Bey Shah sire line, always present in the Brazilian breeding program, left a Reserve Champion at his National, product of line breeding of his blood. The colt El Tino is the son of DA Valentino by Versace. His mother, Imprimista CF, is Bey Shah's granddaughter thru Bey Imprimis. In the judge's score board she tied in points with the Champion HK Keav Power that won as Champion for having received three first places while El Tino received only two. He was imported by Pedro Amaral of Haras El Madan that had two winners in partnership with Carlos Menezes of Haras Stigmatas that ended up with three winners at this National.

Monogram, famous in Europe have few representatives in Brazil. One of them, his grandson Jylbert de Wiec (Debowiec x Jully El Ludjin by * Ludjin El Jamaal) is the father of the Jr. Filly Champion Pristyne de Jylbert (x Perseia El Jamaal by *Ali Jamaal) with three first places. Pristyne and her father Jylbert are from the breeding program of Haras Meia Lua of Lenita Perroy.