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Dubai Arabian Horse Championships
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March 21st, 2009

The Dubai Show is always a highlight on the Intentional calendar, with US 4 million in prize money awarded, it is billed as the richest horse show in the world and the excitement surrounding the entries each year proves how important this show really is.


Junior Champion Filly Winners

Gold:  Najdah Al Zobair
Silver: Badaweia AA
Bronze: True Desire LL


Junior Champion Colt Winners

Gold:  El Palacio VO
Silver: Marharaja HDM
Bronze: Kabsztad


Champion Mare Winners

Gold:  Bess Fa'izah
Silver: Eagle Ridge Passionata
Bronze: ABHA Myra


Champion Stallion Winners

Gold:  Royal Colours
Silver: Escape Ibn Navarrone-D
Bronze: Baanderos


The judges this year are:

  • Dr. Gianmarco Aragno, Italy
  • Mr. Doug Dahmen, USA
  • Mrs Titty Gagliani, Italy
  • Mrs Joanne Lowe, UK
  • Mrs Ann Norden, Sweden
  • Mr. Richard Pihlstrom, France
  • Dr. Francesco Santoro, Italy


Photos can be viewd at