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Emergency Service for Travelers with Horses
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June 21st, 2010

Press Release

A new emergency service has been launched for people travelling with their horses.

Free to join, this is a network of equestrian people who are prepared to "come to the rescue" for other members stranded with their horses.

Vice-versa, equestrian people can now access a network of people to call upon for assistance when they are out and about with their horses and run into trouble.

Equestrian people have, until now, not had a free-to-join road-side assistance or call-out network for when they find themselves stranded, either by the roadside, or at a venue away from home. Whether they are injured and need help, have a flat battery, flat tire, or needing a fellow member to collect their horses from the roadside, now there is a support network to take the stress out of travelling.

Membership is easy - simply complete a brief form online. Each month, an updated member contact list will be distributed to members.

The websites are




Members can provide feedback on their experiences with other members too using the Feedback Form.

For more information, please visit the website, or contact the founder Maryanne Fraser on




Emergency Equine Assistance