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Endurance flies in the Abu Dhabi desert
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March 2nd, 2010

By Mauro Beta
Photos by Mauro Beta
Article courtesy of Tutto Arabi


The Bouthib Endurance Village of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) hosted the Al Ain Endurance Cup for CEI* Junior & Young Riders over the distance of 100 km.

The track, running through the desert, was stormed by the 32 competing pairs. The winner was Rashed Ahmed Al Bloush (United Arab Emirates) on Trajano, an Anglo-Arabian horse, at at record-breaking speed that had never been seen in an endurance race before. Covering the 100-km track in 3 hours, 39 minutes and 40 seconds, the pair rode at an average speed of 27.3142 kmph, which had never been recorded before.

The winner beat Khalifa Ghanim Al Marri, also from the United Arab Emirates, on the Arabian Little Joe Fox, average speed 26.22 kmph and Kaja Tuisk (Estonia) on Fenwick Cadenza, average speed 26.021 kmph.

Marco Sardo on Salashi, the only Italian in the competition, crossed the finish line in 10th place after 4 hours 31 minutes and 15 seconds, at an average speed of 21.880 kmph.