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Endurance ranking

By Luca Giannangeli
Photos Luca Giannangeli
Article courtesy of Tutto Arabi

Off we go...

8938_mediumThe idea of setting up the Ranking came out of the realization of how important a correct and thorough planning of the competitive season is - we are stating the obvious here, but sometimes it is overlooked.

Taking your own horse along its competitive life achieving the necessary intermediate steps is imperative when the overall purpose is to build up a true experienced and long-lived horse riding over long distances.

The ambitious project aimed at Italian pairs arises out of the professionalism combined with the view that there are two elements working together in the world of endurance.

After long and careful consideration, Fabio Zuccolo and Luca Giannangeli launched the "Ranking" from the pages of Sportendurance, the online magazine.


This new tool, which every rider with a FISE license can sign up for, emphasizes the importance of the relationship between man and horse, and aims at starting a sort of "kilometer-counter" which will accompany you and your horse throughout your competitive career.

Important brands such as KEP Italia and PODIUM, to name but a few, have immediately espoused the idea and bet on the innovative and stimulating tool that can support Italian riders. The results can also be found on all the issues of TuttoArabi, with up-to-date reports on every competition. To support our initiative, this magazine will also offer a free subscription to the winner of each race.

In order to give prominence to the competitions held in Italy, Organizing Committees can get involved and link up their race to the ranking. This will add value to their race as registered members will be awarded higher scores.

At the end of 2010, in a location to be communicated in advance, the top three of each category will receive awards, prizes and will be admitted to the golden section of the Ranking.