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Follow your passion, and success will follow you.  ~Arthur Buddhold

3506_mediumRicardo and I were involved for the first time this year for the Arabian Farm Tours. We can not come up with enough positive adjectives to endorse this amazing event. The drive and "passion" that Scott and David and their Team have for this breed is awe inspiring. I spoke with several long time friends at many of the Farm Tours. It was agreed and celebrated by all that the "reunion" atmosphere the tours provided was awesome. It goes without saying that the efforts to bring new interest into the breed is wonderful. I saw many new faces at the events. But, as a "life time member" of the Arabian Business, I was deeply moved by the comraderie the tours created amongst the trainers, breeders and lovers of the Arabian Horse. It is the perfect match for the slogan we stand on here at Equine Image Center - T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More - The Farm Tours created an atmosphere that the professionals could take advantage of to work together in a way that we have not in the past.

The Scottsdale show has been such an incredible gathering place for breeders and enthusiasts for years. We travel from all over the World to join together in this amazing atmosphere and share our passion for the Arabian Horse. It is my feeling that the Arabian Farm Tours will now be the catalyst for the Scottsdale Show... setting the stage for the upcoming show and drawing us together before the show starts.

From a marketing stand point, the Farm Tours has opened a new door of traffic that will benefit all of us who are marketing great horses. I have heard several encouraging reports from the other farms about their sales. We sold two horses and an embryo as a result of our Open Barn. Not to mention the energy and excitement that was created for the farm as a whole.

Again... Thank you to Scott and David and your amazing TEAM for your support and passion to the Arabian Breed!

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Again a Big Thank you,

Riyan and Ricardo Rivero


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