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Jadem Arabians Open House
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October 24th, 2015

Jadem Arabians Open House: Monday Sept 28th, 2015

By Lisa Abraham

My first encounter with Christine Jamar was in 2012 at the Midwest and Fazenda Floresta Cocktail Party and Stallion Presentation in Scottsdale. She had assisted Luciana Fasano (Brazil) with her purchase of the straight Egyptian stallion Al Hadiyah AA and was there to present him. Of course I had heard of Christine, but this was my first time seeing her in person—needless to say, I found her to be impressive.

Then in 2014, at the Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas, I had the fortunate opportunity to spend quality time with her. While watching classes, we chatted over coffee. Even though I was newer and represented smaller publications, she was candid with her comments and generous with her time.

So attending her 2015 Open House at Jadem Arabians (Belgium) after the All Nations Cup (Germany) was a welcomed experience. Although her farm is elegant, it is also accommodating and easy to navigate—a safe and comfortable place for both people and horses. After ample time to mingle, the presentation began in her light filled arena. Due to the setup of the arena, viewing is impeccable from any position. That being said, it was a full house – and the crowd was heavily international.

We were provided with a schedule of horses and then a four generation pedigree for each, while Samantha Mattocks (UK), of the Arabian Magazine, narrated. Each horse presented was worthy of his or her own individual coverage, which indicated the intense, high quality. That being said, of this arena presentation, I very much enjoyed seeing the 2015 All Nations Cup Yearling Filly Gold Champion Mimi NK (X Cinnamon N Spice VLA), handled by Philippe Hosay (Belgium), with her father, Nofal NK (Ever After NA X Ajdora)—both bred and owned by Nofal and Muntaha Kahook of NK Arabians (Jordon). It was also quite thrilling to see Excalibur EA (Shanghai EA X Essence Of Marwan) and his full brother Zeus EA, both bred by Albert Sorroca (Spain) of Equus Arabians.  Nofal NK (Ever After NA X Ajdora)  

But, I have to admit, seeing the stallion AAS Elishahh (Eden C X Sempre) was my highlight. As an American, I, along with many others, got to watch not only Elishahh’s rise to  the top in the American show scene, but also the love affair that grew between he and his owner, Luciana Fasano.  Their relationship truly exemplifies why so many of us have Arabians. Also, I have a close relationship with the Breeders of Eden C, Rhonda and Rhoda Coleal, of Coleal Arabians (USA), and he is a fine representation of his sire. Other stallions presented included: Extreme (Ararat X Elegantkah), RFI Farid (RFI Maktub X RFI Fayara El Shiraz), Jaipur El Perseus (Perseus Al Jamaal X Jullye El Ludjin), WH York (Marwan Al Shaqab X WH Monica Ren), Shiraz De Lafon (Shanghai EA X Diacira De Lafon) and El Palacio VO (Al Lahab X El Dorada).

The presentation continued outside in a large courtyard. Here we were presented some of the Jadem babies—and they were special! However, equally special, this open air setting showcased the HUGE amount of people present, which directly reflected the enormous respect Christine has earned.  There was representation by all segments of the community: owners, trainers, judges and enthusiasts.  Also impressive was the amount of media. Some of the International media present included: Beth Hunziker (USA) of; Javan Schuller (USA); Mohammed Abu Haimed (KSA) of Alassalah Media Website; Anette Matteson (Sweden); Henrike Hörmann (Germany); Simone Leo (Italy) of Tutto Arabi; and Denise Hearst and Jeffrey Wintersteen (USA) of Arabian Horse World.

After the conclusion of the horse presentation, we adjourned to a pleasant garden with various types of seating and scenery. As the weather was in full cooperation, it was the perfect setting to enjoy a very generous lunch. Since that 2012 Scottsdale day, the relationship between Christine Jamar and Luciana Fasnao has grown, as soon Al Hadiyah AA will join AAS Elishahh in calling Jadem Arabians home. But also, since that time, Luciana has become well known for another talent of hers. For desert, in addition to various pastries, we were offered Luciana’s delicious and exquisitely packaged AAS Elishahh Chocolates, a product that she has personally developed and will soon produce and market internationally.


Contributions from members of the Community:


It was a great pleasure to visit Christine’s, my first time. Christine and the stallion Ekstern are inextricably linked as he was on lease to Jadem during both his Triple Crown and  Mercedes Cup triumphs. He was also a significant sire for Jadem and left many daughters. As evidenced by the presentation, it seems Christine has found another sire to move her program forward, homebred Emerald J. I was taken by the Emerald's foals out of the Ekstern daughters, especially out of Gomera J and Gabriella J. These Jadem homebred mares are out of Eukaliptus daughters, which have served as the foundation of Christine’s program. It is proof that the wisdom and belief in what Christine has been doing is on the right path.

~Jeffrey Wintersteen (USA), Pride of Poland and Arabian Horse World



A day at Jadem Arabians with Christine Jamar is always a highlight of my trip to Europe following the All Nations Cup. It was a perfect day with many friends, great food and beautiful Arabians. I do enjoy seeing the influence Enzo has had on Christine's breeding program. I have been attending every year and it is wonderful for a breeder like myself to see the new foals develop each year into adults. This year too was especially great for me to witness Enzo's daughter, Piacolla winning the Gold Jr. Filly Championship in Aachen. Christine does a great job promoting Stallions from all over the world and Christine has represented and promoted Enzo's frozen semen in Europe at Jadem Facility in Belgium for the past ten years. Already looking forward to next year.

~Dr. Philip Del Pozzo (USA), Enzo Worldwide LLC



Although I was unable to attend her open house, I would like to contribute that Christine is one of the most astute Arabian horse breeders and business operators that I know. She has a keen eye for picking a great horse, a sharp business acumen, and a passion for the Arabian horse--all of which combines to make her a force in our breed. I have enjoyed visiting her amazing facility and seeing her beautiful horses firsthand, and I value my friendship and professional relationship with her greatly. I look forward to working closely with her for years to come.

~Jeff Sloan (USA), Aria International LLC



I always enjoy the opportunity to visit Christine’s farm and see her wonderful collection of stallions and homebred horses. Christine is a charismatic ambassador for the Arabian breed. Anytime I have the chance to spend time with her I cherish it because there is always something that can be learned.

~Kimberly Jarvis (USA), C. Jarvis Insurance Agency Inc.



For what felt like far too brief a time, we lucky guests had stepped into Christine’s world. There, elegance and beauty are evident everywhere you look – the architecture, the landscaping, the gracious hospitality of the hosts, and most of all, in the splendid horses that call Jadem home.  

~Denise Hearst (USA), Publisher of Arabian Horse World




Open day at Jadem Arabians always offers opportunities: to see horses, most especially some of the best stallions in the world; to meet the most influential breeders and owners that have the pleasure every year to visit her farm after the All Nations Cup in Aachen; and to meditate deeply on a specific breeding plan for the following year. Christine Jamar knows how to welcome her guests with a great horse presentation and, soon after, a delicious lunch in the garden. Being at Jadem Arabians is a privilege for the lovers of Arabian horses who are invited to take a breath of beauty.

~Simone Leo (Italy), Publisher of Tutto Arabi



The event at Christine Jamar’s was beautiful. We enjoyed everything—the people, the horses and the food. Her warm hospitality was outstanding as she made sure we all had everything we needed. I take my hat off for her generosity and the lengths she went to make us feel at home. Once again, I thank her and all of her team for their hard work and professionalism.

~Jamal Kahok (Jordon), Al Jamal Arabians



Unfortunately I was not able to attend the open house that Christine and Luciana so graciously hosted. But from the photos posted and from friends who were able to attend, I know the event was 1st class and the horses looked amazing. Congratulations to all involved and I look forward to attending next year.

~Lara Ames (USA), publisher at the Arabian Horse Times



 As always, when it comes to professionalism; the highest quality of horses; exquisite hospitality; and a gathering of people who share the same passion, from all around the  globe, one can be sure to find it with Christine Jamar at Jadem Arabians. My husband, Nofal Kahook, and I were personally touched and moved to see our filly Mimi NK being presented with her sire, Nofal NK. This was an emotional and unforgettable moment—we are proud that Nofal NK is standing at Jadem Arabians.

Sharing these feelings with the huge crowd that attended this well organized and beautiful occasion made it even more special for us. The feelings that went through me were indescribable. Mimi NK was named after me and it made me proud to see our home bred filly being presented with our stallion at this magnificent farm.  Nofal and I wish success and happiness to everyone involved with this nobel being and we thank Christine Jamar and Jadem Arabians.

~Muntaha Kahook (Jordon), NK Arabians



As always, it was a lovely Open Day at Christine's. She is a wonderful hostess. Not only were the horses beautiful, but it was also nice to spend time with friends. The lunch was amazing. It was a fantastic day filled with horses, people and delicious food.

~Debbie Fuentes (USA), Registrar of the Arabian Horse Association



My trip to Europe this past September was very special--memorable for many reasons. It was first time attending the All Nations Cup in Aachen and my first visit to Jadem Arabians. The farm is so charming and beautiful--really quite unlike anything I have ever seen in the States. The architecture and the layout fits into the landscape so perfectly, it creates a truly serene atmosphere. One almost wants to whisper, so as to not disturb the peacefulness.

The presentation of horses at Jadem was professional and well timed. The horses made it spectacular! It was a thrill to see, in person, so many of the horses that have graced the glossy pages of magazines and digital ads over the years. Nothing can compare to seeing one of my personal favorites--World Champion Excalibur EA in the flesh--he is breath-taking. It was also very special to see Luciana Fasano's beloved National Champion, AAS Elishahh looking so fit and happy, now that he is at Jadem. He is such a beautiful young stallion who has a lot to offer European breeders. Another delightful surprise was Manny Vierra's stallion, Palacio VO. He was a vision in white and so regal!

All in all, the visit to Jadem was well worth the trip. Christine is an incredible business woman and a great breeder. I hope to visit her farm again in the years to come and see more wonderful horses.

~Beth Ellen Hunziker (USA), B Creative Consulting &



Christine’s open house and presentation was a great event. Seeing her world class stallions up close was a highlight!

~Pierre Groenen (Belgium), Prestige Straight Egyptians



This was my first time visiting Jadem Arabians--and wow what a beautiful setting. The farm, staff and horses were all professional and welcoming. Great to see some of the world’s top horses all together and presented with style. I will make sure that I stop there often to see them.

~Gerard Paty (Kingdom of Bahrain), Stud Manager at Al Rashediah Stud





I had a wonderful time at Christine’s open house. She had a great presentation of horses including one I bred--El Palacio VO. The horses were very well prepared and in excellent condition. The event was a big success as Christine’s hospitality was superb and her staff was very well prepared.

I have known Christine for fifteen years and have always had the most respect for her as a breeder and a world class Judge.  She has been one of the few people who have had great success incorporating Polish blood into her breeding program. Not only is her facility one of the best in the world, but it is also managed by one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry—Christine herself!

All the best,

~Manny Vierra (USA), Valley Oak Arabians



The Monday after Aachen has become a tradition at Jadem Arabians. Some of our most famous breeding stallions call the farm ‘home.’ Also, many show horses, some who just earned recognition in Aachen, are trained and conditioned at this lovely place. It’s a great opportunity for visitors to have the chance to see these Champions up close in their stables and in the arena. 

This day is also nice as many international guests get the opportunity to meet Christine and to learn about her breeding program, as she always shows some of her young horses, born at the farm. Personally, I also appreciate that she tries to find new and exciting bloodlines for European breeders.

~Henrike Hörmann (Germany), Hof Hörmann



I work closely with Christine annually, especially at her open house held after Aachen, where I do the commentary. It is easy to talk about horses such as those found at Jadem Arabians that go back many generations to those first horses found here in the beautiful Belgian countryside. For here, with Christine overseeing every tiny detail, future champions are bred and born and dreams really do come true.

Away from breeding, Christine works tirelessly in her role within ECAHO, as an international judge, and also organizer of the European Championships in Belgium, held every other year. She also holds seminars, for judges and for those new to the industry, and she is an adviser to farms across the Middle East. Over the course of a year, Christine travels the world to ensure that she is up to date with breeding developments across the globe.

One of Christine's best qualities is that while she is very supportive of so many, she is especially supportive of women within the Arabian industry. Whenever she is  interviewed, she cites those that she respects whenever she can. Christine is a figurehead not just as a breeder or a judge, but as someone showing what a woman can achieve in a male-dominated industry. Kudos to her for that!

~Samantha Mattocks (UK), Publisher of the Arabian Magazine



As a breeder I love to see Christine´s breeding program--the foals of the year and the youngsters. Both Christine and I have old, valuable Polish bloodlines as our foundation. It is always a treat to see the impressive result she has achieved with the use of the great Ekstern and later with QR Marc and her own breeding Emerald J. I’m always inspiring to visit a breeder who has both a vision and great results. I loved the ending of Christine´s presentation which gave us a glimpse of her future--a group of stunning foals by Emerald J.

~Anette Mattsson (Sweden)


Nothing is more important to me than to see and to know that my horses are happy. Christine had been asking me to send Elishahh for a very long time. But Elishahh is like a son to me, so letting him go was a difficult decision--I needed to be sure that he was going to be well. When I saw how happy he was at Jadem Arabians, I knew I made the right choice, not only for us, but for European breeders as well. I thank Christine and Frederick (Van Sas) and the entire Jadem team for giving us this opportunity.

~Luciana Fasano (Brazil), Fazenda Floresta




 For information about Christine Jamar and Jadem Arabians please visit:




Lisa Abraham is an International Journalist and Photographer from the United States. Although she does free-lance for various media, her primary dedication is to as a Premier Contributor and Representative. She is also a breeder of Straight Egyptian Arabians.