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Khaled KA - Representing a New Generation of Greatness

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By Christie Metz

Khaled KAIn late summer of 2011, Silver Maple Farm welcomed the stallion Khaled KA (Makhnificent KA x Marquisah KA by Marquis I), owned by Mr. Wael Solyman of Elamira Stud in Alexandria, Egypt. Henry and I were very excited to have the opportunity to use this stallion because he is such an amazing creature and his bloodlines are perfect for our mares. It was decided Khaled KA would stay long enough to breed a few mares, and then have his semen frozen for shipping to the European Union and the United Arab Emirates. Now, we are excited to announce that Khaled KA will stand indefinitely at SMF. We are thrilled and thankful to Mr. Solyman for his faith in our abilities to promote and manage Khaled KA.

When a new stallion arrives at SMF, it can be a very noisy experience. Some stallions object to the newcomers and others do not care so much. Khaled came right into the main barn and not one of the SMF stallions objected.

Khaled is quite tall, but he is very balanced and presents an overall harmony of form. His body is strong with a level topline and a tail like a proverbial flag. Khaled's legs are very long with good flat bone, neither too fine, nor coarse. His satiny coat is a deep copper color and his skin is tissue thin, like fine silk.

Khaled's head is small for such a large horse, with a tiny muzzle and beautiful well-shaped ears. The chiseling on his head is so elegant and it draws attention to his large, bright, expressive eyes. Khaled is very attractive, yet very masculine; there is no question that he is all stallion.

Khaled's pedigree includes many horses well known by breeders of straight Egyptian bloodlines throughout the world. His sire is the Kehilan Arabians' homebred stallion, Makhnificent KA, a National Top Ten Three-Year-Old Futurity Colt. Makhnificent KA was sired by the incomparable Makhsous, a sire of two National Champions bred by famed horseman Stanley White Sr.  Makhsous' sire was Sakr, another national winning horse in both halter and performance. Sakr was owned by Douglas and Margaret Marshall of Gleannloch Farms. Sakr's sire was the chestnut stallion Sultann, imported to the United States from the Egyptian Agricultural Organization in 1975 by Donald Ford. All of these stallions trace to the strong sire line of Sameh from the Inshass Stud of Egypt. Sameh is considered either Kuhaylan or Saqlawi in strain, but to use either is correct.

The mating of Sameh with the Saqlawi mare, Lubna, created Sultann. The weaving of these strains has created one exceptional individual after another, and now we have a new generation of greatness - Khaled KA.

On the female side of Khaled's pedigree is his dam Noble Sefra, a daughter of Ruminaja Bahjat, a full brother to Ruminaja Ali. Ruminaja Bahjat left the US to become a herd sire at Count Fredrico Zichy Tysson's stud farm in Argentina where he sired many beautiful daughters. Typically, Bahjat's chestnut progeny are remembered for their exotic looks. This color gene may possibly be contributed through the chestnut mare Magidaa, who created a dynasty of her own through her daughter Bint Magidaa, as well as her son Nabiel. This mare line is Abayyan Om Jourays in strain, bringing a linear quality of elegance into the weaving. It is a blending of predominately Hadban and Saqlawi strains with a sprinkling of Dahman and it has created numerous stellar individuals.

Khaled KAKhaled KA's dam, Noble Sefra, is a full sister to Antigua Dance, she is Hadba Enzahiya in strain. This line relates beautifully to SMF's mare, Dance Diva, a daughter of Antigua Dance. Dance Diva's foals by Ali Saroukh and Simeon Shai have been amazing. Our goal is to capitalize on this success and we believe Khaled will add a new dimension to the equation. A critical element to us, and to other breeders, is that Khaled KA provides an important outcross sire line of Sameh for our heavily Nazeer related horses. The Star Bint Hafiza mare line, found in the Kehilan Arabians' stallions has been a proven producer of quality at Silver Maple Farm. In our opinion, using Khaled KA will further set the type of our SMF horses and that other breeders will benefit by using him in their breeding programs as well.

Khaled KA produced his first foal for his owner, Mr. Wael Solyman. The dam of this first foal is Mr. Solyman's mare, JF Serena Nahdirah. She carries the lines of Imperial Baarez, Imperial Kamilll, Imperial Al Kamar and his sire El Hilal. JF Serena Nahdirah also carries such famous powerhouse mares in her pedigree as Hanan, Bukra, Nile Mist, Serenity Sonbolah, Aroufina, Moniet El Nefous and Dalia ++, thus ensuring a great genetic pool. JF Serena Nahdirah's daughter by Khaled KA, born in 2011, bears witness to the strength of this mare line and Khaled's ability to add his unique qualities.

Although Khaled is a bit reserved in his manner, he does like people - he is kind, not aloof. He has a truly endearing character. Recently, when a new foal was born in the barn, Khaled had his face pressed up against the front of his stall, watching for whatever was happening in that stall! He was the first to greet this new filly, vocally. In fact, he was very protective and whenever someone new went in her stall during the first week of her life, Khaled would become agitated, trumpeting at those people. One of our good friends said to me, "Who is that gorgeous chestnut stallion? He raised a ruckus when he saw me go in the filly's stall!"

Khaled KAConclusion - Living with greatness... We all discovered quickly that Khaled is very smart; he wants to be engaged in his surroundings and with people. If you are a person he prefers, he makes it known the minute you enter the barn. I have a routine I follow for visiting the stallions at the farm, and if it is NOT followed, they get upset. Routine is very important in a stallions' world. Khaled always wants me to visit him before the other stallions. He nods his head up and down as if to say, "Me first!" When I arrive at his stall, he sidles up to the screen and puts his nose where I can breathe into his nostrils. He seems to really love this quiet time together. Next, he wants to be petted and scratched and told how handsome he is - he really is quite funny that way. We stand companionably while I rub his head and neck. As much as this stallion needs his food, exercise and daily grooming, he needs - and deserves - this personal attention. It is the least we can give him for all he has given to us and will give us in the future when he sires the next generation of greatness.

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