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Marhaabah - A Breeder's Masterpiece

By Beth Ellen Hunziker

18305_mediumThe breeding of Arabian horses is much an art as it is a science. Just as the artist uses a palette of brilliant colors to create a masterpiece, the breeder uses a palette of pedigrees and bloodlines, traits and characteristics, stallions and mares. They thoughtfully, carefully, blend all of these elements to create a living, breathing likeness of their ideal Arabian horse.

The stallion Marhaabah is as close to the ideal Arabian stallion as a breeder can hope to achieve. His face and neck are finely chiseled. His line, proportion, conformation, and balance are pure elegance. All this beauty is brought to life by Marhaabah's masculine and noble spirit. The overall impression is that of a true masterpiece.

The origin of the Arabian horse is more ancient than its history recorded by artists in the tombs of Egypt and on artifacts from the regions of the Middle East known as, "The Cradle of Civilization". Today, this region is once again the source of some of the world's finest Arabian horses including international champion and leading sire of champions, Marwan Al Shaqab, (Gazal Al Shaqab x Little Liza Fame by Fame VF), bred and owned by Al Shaqab Stud, Member Qatar Foundation, of Doha, Qatar.

Marhaabah is a son of Marwan Al Shaqab, born in 2004, and bred by DeShazer Arabians. Marhaabah embodies all of the greatness of this sire line, which includes some of the most influential sires in the history of the breed including Gazal Al Shaqab, Anaza El Farid, Ruminaja Ali, Shaikh Al Badi, Morafic, Nazeer, and others. Marwan Al Shaqab has over 500 get registered in the Arabian Horse Data Source. A catalyst for Marhaabah's success, and his unique nature, is his beautiful mother, Shalina El Jamaal (Parys El Jamaal x Shahlina by Bey Shah), bred by Lucy Whittier. Shalina El Jamaal is a highly accomplished mare; among her titles are U.S. National Champion Junior Mare, U.S. National Reserve Champion Futurity Filly, and Scottsdale Champion Mare. Shalina El Jamaal is a mare of great physical beauty with a pedigree that includes such influential sires as Ali Jamaal, Gdansk, Bask, Bey Shah, Nabor, and Gai Parada! Blending these extremely strong, high quality individuals was a stroke of genius and the result was Marhaabah.

18306_mediumMarwan Al Shaqab has sired many fine sons. However, Marhaabah has earned an elite status through his own achievements. His most prestigious titles include 2007 U.S. National Champion Futurity Stallion and 2009 U.S. National Reserve Champion Stallion. These accomplishments are great honors that few may claim. Perhaps of equal or even greater significance is the global impact Marhaabah is making as a sire. Today, Marhaabah's offspring are attracting the attention of international breeders. At this time, he has foals in 135 breeding programs throughout 14 different countries all around the world. Marhaabah's foals are highly valued with some selling for impressive six-figure prices. His offspring are winning show ring titles everywhere they compete. In 2012 alone, they earned numerous Regional, National, and International Championships.

Marhaabah has become a global sensation with an international pedigree and world-wide fan base, but he now enjoys a quieter life and the committed support of his owners; The Marhaabah Legacy Group. This group consists of eight couples, all of whom are small breeders. This tightly-knitted group works together to promote Marhaabah and they are also using him to establish their own individual breeding programs. Marhaabah stands at 
Chattooga Ridge Arabians Inc., located in picturesque Long Creek, South Carolina. Chattooga Ridge Arabians Inc, is owned and managed by Chris Anckersen and his wife Paula. Chris Anckersen is a highly-respected Arabian horseman with a long established relationship in the Egyptian Arabian breeding community as well as the international Arabian horse community. Anckersen and the stallion's owners are firmly committed to Marhaabah and his offspring. (LIST OWNERS)

To keep Marhaabah in the forefront of the Arabian horse community's awareness, he made a rare public appearance at the 2012 Arabian Horse Celebration's Stallion Row. It was a fantastic opportunity for people to see National Champion Marhaabah up close and in person. This new venue, held in the historic Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, was fresh and exciting; Marhaabah's presentation there created quite a buzz among breeders attending the debut event.

18307_mediumThe Marhaabah group is very supportive of breeders and active within the Arabian horse community. They participate in several national stallion futurity programs including The Scottsdale Signature Stallions, the Region 12 Spotlight Futurity, the Minnesota Breeders Medallion Stallion Futurity, and the AHA Breeders Sweepstakes. Participating in these futurity programs provides the owners of Marhaabah offspring with even more opportunities to enjoy their horses and the possibility of earning paybacks through prize money.

The nature of breeding Arabian horses keeps us looking forward to the future and there is much to look forward to for Marhaabah's owners. Members of The Marhaabah Legacy Group, along with supporting breeders world-wide, have young offspring they are anxious to present at Scottsdale, The Arabian Breeders World Cup, U.S. Nationals and other prominent shows across the globe - watch for them! Marhaabah's owners also look forward to hearing about the accomplishments of his other offspring, including those now living abroad and who are increasing his international Influence. The group extends their best wishes for success to the owners and breeders of Marhaabah's offspring everywhere and encourages you to notify them of your achievements, so they can be shared with breeders around the world. Best of all, everyone looks forward to all the new Marhaabah foals expected throughout the spring and summer of 2013. No doubt - there will be many inspiring masterpieces among them!



EROS ROMANTIQUE (x Raville P by Durango)
Owned by Dr. Van Duyvenbode Family, The Netherlands
2012 Gold Medal Winner National Show, Belgium
2011 Gold Medal Champion Filly & Best Foal of Show,
National Championship Show, Holland

FARRAH AC (x Heart of Gold by MCA Magnum Gold)
Owned by Al Khaled Farm
2012 Scottsdale International Breeders Silver Champion Filly
2012 Arabian Breeders World Cup Bronze Champion Yearling Filly
2012 Canadian National Top Ten Yearling Filly

MARBEAU LE REVE (x Dakars Destinee by *Dakar El Jamaal)
Owned by Chris & Paula Anckersen and Angie Mason
2012 East Coast Champion Stallion
2012 Region 12 Reserve Champion Stallion
2012 U.S. National Top Ten Stallion

MARLEEH ROSE LA (x Psynamon Rose LA by Psynario)
Owned by Bob & Mary Rombs
2012 U.S. National Top Ten Futurity Filly

LR MARHQUEE (x LR Psyren by Padrons Psyche)
Owned by Lynn Rowlett
2012 U.S. National Top Ten Stallion, AAOTH

SWEET TEASE (x Temptation T by Eternity)
Owned by Steve & Darla Miles
2012 Minnesota Fall Fest Champion Auction Yearling Filly

FAARAH VA (x RJM Fathyma by Pyro Thyme SA)
Owned by Victoria Arabians
2012 Region 12 Spotlight Futurity Champion Auction Yearling Filly

CW MARITZ (x R Bellazar by Versace)
Owned by Dave & Sue Bruder
2012 Western Carolina Futurity Champion Yearling Colt

TAHAARI (x Talisaan by Dakharo)
Owned by Jo Ann Redwine
2012 East Coast Reserve Champion Mare & Champion Mare AAOTH

MIZPAH FLORI ROSE (x Ianna Rose by Palmares)
Owned by Phil Blumenfield
2012 Region 15 Reserve Champion Mare


The Marhaabah Legacy Group:
Robert & Kenna Burbeck
Michael Farkas and Family
Chuck & Nancy Janosik
Clay & Vicki Kearley
Stephen & Beverly Noller
Steve & Jo Ann Redwine
Jerry & Ann Riles
Doug & Cynthia Sharp

Standing with:
Chris & Paula Anckersen
427 Damascus Church Road
Long Creek, SC 29658