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July 19th, 2015


It's all about the horses - Our Legacy

by Bill Bensyl


BSF Mares


This is all about the horses-- this lovely creature known as the Arabian. We've chosen our Blue Star Farms Website to commence here - with the horses.

And, it's about creating an enhanced legacy. Our goal is to take the legacy bloodlines of our outstanding mares and match them up with awesome, winning stallions to lend a hand to God in creating the most beautiful foals possible.

My Dad, Don Bensyl, always loved horses having grown up with his 10 other brothers and sisters on a farm where "horsepower" was the source of mechanical power. In the early 1950's someone gave Dad an 18 year old Palomino-Champ. I still remember the joyous look on Dad's face when he "saddled-up" Champ to show us kids how to ride.

There's a significant connection with Dad to Blue Star Farms. During World War II, Dad and all 5 of his service-aged brothers marched off to defend freedom around the globe. Fortunately all 6 brothers returned home safe. They were a true Band of Brothers. My Grandmother Bensyl proudly displayed a Mothers Service Flag in her window in Ogden, Illinois, bearing six blue stars.

Blue Star Farms is a symbolic tribute to Dad and his brothers and their parents for their courage, patriotism, commitment and sacrifice. We're forever indebted to them and others like them. Our farm flag is an adaptation of Grandma Bensyl's six-star Mother's Service Flag. Six blue stars for Don, Jack, Roy, Ora, LaVern, and James. Nan's father, William August Butterowe, also serverd during World War II offshore in the US Coast Guard. We'll always be grateful and we'll give thanks every day or our lives.

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