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Oasis Arabian Magazine Premier Issue
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February 6th, 2009

High Style of Owning Arabian Horses Goes High-Tech Online
New Online Magazine Offers Glimpse of World Few Experience

3671_medium(Scottsdale, AZ) - Celebrity watchers have a new online magazine to take them inside a world of the rich and famous that few people experience - the barns and stalls of the best horses in the Arabian business and the lives of the people who own them. Oasis Magazine launches this month with the opening of the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, the largest Arabian show in the world and an annual pilgrimage for admirers from around the world.

Oasis founders Scott Bailey and David Cains have been breeding Arabians since 1995 and relocated to Scottsdale about five years ago. In June of 1996 they launched what has become the most successful Arabian marketing network on the internet, "Oasis is simply the next logical step in sharing our breed with the world," says Bailey. "People are always extremely curious about the lives of people who own Arabians, perhaps because of the numerous celebrity owners or the beautiful farm properties, or just the natural mystic that surrounds the horse itself."

"Arabian owners have a great deal of fun. There is a certain lifestyle that comes with ownership. It's like belonging to a special club that has parties and great social events. And from the earliest history of this horse there are great stories. That is the purpose of Oasis - to help people tell their great stories and experiences with Arabians."

The magazine - or ezine as online magazines are sometimes called - has assembled an experienced staff of internet professionals intent on producing a user friendly and engaging product. Catherine McKenna, a seasoned veteran of is Editor and Advertising Director. Mike Logan serves as Art Director, Curtis LaMalfa is IT Director and the Associate Editor is Brandon Wiggins.

Although blood of the Arabian traces to all the lightweight breeds today, the horse holds a special allure that sets it apart in the equine world. Arabians are considered by many as living works of art, distinguished by long, flowing manes and tails, large expressive eyes and finely chiseled heads. "Arabians are beautiful, exotic horses," explains Cains. "Our team understood from the beginning that in order to be of value to our advertisers and establish loyal readership we had to translate the essence of the breed to an equally captivating online experience."

Oasis launches as a hybrid publication combining rich colors and elegant designs laced with streaming video clips and Flash technologies and offering old-fashioned editorial content. The publication is offering free subscriptions and plans to release new issues quarterly. Advertising opportunities are available to any business outside the equine industry that seeks to expand their market reach not only nationally but internationally as well. Bailey and Cains have established their empire as the marketing vehicle of choice for reaching Arabian horse enthusiasts around the globe and the launch of Oasis capitalizes on that finely honed network.

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