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Oasis Magazine Volume 10 - Now Online
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May 30th, 2012

We invite you to enjoy the newest issue of Oasis Magazine online now at

The history of the Arabian breed is a long and storied one, from its beginning thousands of years ago in the arid deserts of the Middle East to the global popularity that Arabians have today.

But what about the future of the Arabian horse? While they can now be seen in almost any corner of the globe, without a new generation of Arabian horse breeders, trainers, and most of all, fanatics, the fate of the breed is far from certain.

Luckily, there have been efforts to bring new blood into the Arabian community. Often, when I ask professionals in the Arabian industry how they decided on their career, either in conversation or in our new series of interviews on, they say that it began when they first saw the majestic creatures in their youth. Youth competitions or special events at shows like Kids Day at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show can introduce the next generation to the breed and maybe even inspire a new crop of professional breeders and trainers.

There are also many things we can do as individuals to be ambassadors for Arabian horses and promote the breed. Open houses, clinics and seminars are a great way to attract new Arabian owners. Farm tours, like the free Arabhorse Farm Tours in Scottsdale or the AHA's Discovery Farm program, are another great way to bring in the general public.

In the next few issues of Oasis Arabian magazine our focus will be on supporting young trainers, encouraging new owners, and creating that first spark that leads to a lifetime of enjoyment and appreciation of the Arabian horse. We invite you to look for opportunities to do the same.

David Cains