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Pogrom Video Promotion


On Friday, June 29, 2012 around 1:00 p.m. Arabhorse.com received a call from David Boggs of Midwest Station II telling us about a new video for the incredible stallion *Pogrom.  He wanted to make a big splash with the video and utilize all available resources to promote this great young stallion.  He came to Arabhorse.com asking for a unique and innovative promotion and fast results.

Within 3 hours of that first phone call Scott Bailey and the Arabhorse.com team had conceptualized the campaign, designed banners and advertisements for the new video and had approval to move forward.  By 6pm the first email blast was sent and the campaign implemented.


The idea they came up with was an "Arabhorse takeover," changing the banner at the top of the home page and farm directory on Arabhorse.com, and a rotating banner on the homepage, as well as two E-newsletter blasts to our subscriber base of 35,000+ Arabian horse owners and fanatics.  Pogrom also took over Arabhorse.com's and Midwest Arabian's Facebook pages with a featured cover photo of *Pogrom and the E-newsletter posted to the Arabhorse.com page.




In the first week of the campaign visits to midwestarabian.com increased 2.5x, with nearly 7 times as many visits on the day the Arabhorse.com newsletter was released.

The newsletter was one of our most popular posts on Facebook, with over 3,000 people seeing it, 17 comments, 67 likes and 19 shares.

The video had over 1,700 views in the first 18 hours and almost 5,000 views as of July 23rd.

Use your advertising budget wisely by using services with proven results. At Arabhorse.com we are committed to finding the best solutions for your business. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.




"Great job on the introduction of Pogrom - he is nearing 1200 views and I have never personally had so many responses or calls of congrats and endorsement for a project." - Darryl Larson (7/4 9:35am)

"A first class video release and a World Class stallion.  *Pogrom is beyond beautiful! Kudos to all involved."  - Marsha Thompson

"AMAZING ~ excellent subject..and so beautifully represented with your keen eye and production. It takes my breath away...so freshing to watch the total package! I'm thrilled to be a part of history ~ BRAVA!" - Marsha Thompson, on Facebook

"Thank you to you and your team Scott, you always put the 'mushroom on the filet' - the special touch in presentation! I am thrilled beyond words!"  - David Boggs

"A Darryl Masterpiece....a Janow Masterpiece...and Congrats to David Boggs who made it all happen by bringing this amazing young stallion to the U.S. Great vision. Great achievement. I'm proud and priveleged to be part of it. Thank you to all who made this happen...and so happy for all of the U.S. breeders who were able to have access to Pogrom..." - Jeff Sloan, on Facebook

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