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Pride of Poland 2011
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July 15th, 2011

12036_mediumA Preview of Promise, Potential & Pedigree

text by Scott Benjamin, Joanna Krawczyk
photos by Stuart Vesty

For over four decades, the annual auction in Poland has propelled sales of the world`s best Arabian horses, serving as the most reliable barometer of market conditions around the globe. The singular source from which to choose the elite of the State Studs as well as from Poland`s rapidly expanding, increasingly successful private breeding sector, the Pride of Poland remains the most successful long-term international annual sale of Arabian horses. Pride of Poland 2011 promises to be bigger and better than ever with an impressive collection of aspiring young show stars, proven broodmares and well-bred mares and stallions from the most respected bloodlines in the Polish Arabian breeding program. All three State Studs - Janów Podlaski, Michałów & Białka - as well as several of the flourishing Polish private breeders, have assembled many of the most successful and mostly highly coveted horses in modern-day Poland. Whether you are looking for a show ring winner of world-class quality, a respected broodmatron with impeccable bloodlines or an undiscovered young gem capable of propelling your program forward both in the show ring and the breeding barn, Pride of Poland 2011 most certainly has several of the finest individuals in the breed from which to choose.

Shining brightly from amongst a constellation of stars is Michałów's EGZONERA, one of the premier daughters of the legendary sire Monogramm, whose descendants have dominated the Pride of Poland in the 21st century. Many of the most famous mares in the breed over the last two decades have been daughters of the legend - Kwestura, Zagrobla, Elandra, Fallada, Palmira, Emmona, Embra & Georgia - to name just a few. The elite show rings around the world have lauded their achievement, while breeding programs on all continents have been positively influenced by their contribution of extraordinary type, quality, charisma and athleticism. The always dynamic EGZONERA ranks amongst the very best of the daughters of Monogramm as Scottsdale Reserve Champion Mare, Pacific Slopes Champion Mare & High Scorer at the Polish National Show, and is more importantly the dam of Scottsdale & Arabian Breeders World Cup winning sons by Gazal Al Shaqab. Egzonera is a full sister to European & Polish National Reserve Champion Mare Eskalopka. Their Polish National Champion dam Egzotyka is still beloved as one of the best daughters of Probat and as the dam of four international champion winning and producing daughters, including All Scandinavian & two-time Swedish National Champion Ewakuacja & Elran Cup Champion Egna.

With Michałów banking on the proven success of Monogramm and the celebrated "E" family of champions, Janów Podlaski is proud to offer one if its brightest young celebrities from the equally prolific and accomplished "P" family of achievers. Polish National Junior Champion PALABRA embodies the best of her US National Champion sire Enzo with size, style and substance. PALABRA was amongst the first to prove the successful cross of the sires descending from Padrons Psyche with the best of the Polish broodmares. PALABRA is equally as famous for her Polish National Champion/Best in Show and European Champion dam Palmeta, the most feminine and charming of all the daughters of Ecaho. Through Palmeta, PALABRA can lay claim to the unparalleled lineage of the peerless Pilarka - the mare who defined Arabian beauty for a generation - through her best daughter Pipi, the all-time leading Polish dam of champions. Expressing the very best of Poland in both phenotype and genotype, PALABRA is destined to leave a lasting impression on the next generation of international Arabian excellence.

12038_mediumCould it get any better? Most definitely! Never ones to be overshadowed, Michałów has brought forth some heavy artillery of their own at the very last minute with the 2-year old sensation PIACENZA. Already greatly decorated as Polish National Junior Bronze Medalist, Junior Spring Show Top Five, European Junior Top Five and World Junior Top Ten, PIACENZA is the very first opportunity to acquire a daughter of international phenomenon QR Marc from his utterly successful premier Polish crop, which includes heavy hitters Pogrom, Palatina & Zigi Zana. Maternally a descendant of the athletic and prolific "P" line of Pliszka, responsible for international superstars Premier, Premiera, Premia, as well as Palanga, PIACENZA is on the threshold of a superb international show career and is more than ready to take on the world.

While the "E" and "P" families of Poland have been amassing unprecedented achievements around the globe for the past several decades, other Polish dam families of merit have been quietly attaining greatness on many levels. One such family is the "W" family of Warmia from Michałów, whose stellar member - illustrious US National Champion Wizja - has reasserted herself amongst the Polish elite through the produce of her final daughter Wiaźma - Polish Spring Show Champion/Best in Show. Her best daughter to date has been the glorious flea bitten grey WIEŻA BABEL - who was awarded the identical title as her dam, and has since gone on to produce several excellent fillies for Michałów, including Polish National Junior Champion Wieża Róż. With the undeniable charisma, beauty and athleticism of her immortal grand dam Wizja, WIEŻA BABEL ranks as one of the most appealing offerings of Pride of Poland 2011.

Although the "E" family of Estokada enjoys worldwide fame as the premier Polish dam family, several other "E" families critical to the success of the Polish breeding program continue to produce greatness with purposeful consistency.  Amongst these is Janów's esteemed family of Eunice, another of the cherished daughters of Comet, whose best produce include Europa, Euni, Eukaliptus and Euterpe.  Through her youngest daughter Euterpe, the legacy of Eunice is realized magnificently in twice Polish National Champion EULA. A classic "old style" Polish broodmatron of the highest possible caliber, EULA exemplifies the best qualities of the venerated mares present in the first four generations of her pedigree - Bandola, Arba, Ellora, Arfa, Carmen & Bałałajka. The daughters of EULA in Poland & North America continue her extraordinary legacy of aristocratic quality, structure and athleticism. The opportunity to own this exceptional mare and the heritage she faithfully represents makes EULA one of the most intriguing and exciting of the 2011 collection.

The Eunice legacy is alive and well in Poland through the continuing contribution of the irreplaceable daughters of the legendary Eukaliptus. With the number of his direct daughters is rapidly diminishing on home soil, the offering of his finest daughters in 2011 is indeed a reason for international breeders to celebrate. The daughters of Eukaliptus include many of the most famous mares of the last quarter century - Emigrantka, Emanacja, Pianosa, Esklawa, Grenlandia, Larissa, Erlanda, Ekspozycja, Amra & Pepesza - through whom the show rings around the world have resounded with unprecedented accomplishments in successive generations with Pianissima, Emandoria, El Dorada, Emanda, Elandra, Embra, Emmona, Emira, Empire, Emanor, Esparto & Emigrant. The Michałów offering includes the beautiful PANIKA, dam of the exemplary Polish National, European & All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Palanga. Janów Podlaski is pleased to offer a mare from the very last Eukaliptus foal crop - the enchanting PANONIA, one of the finest daughters of Pride of Poland 2010 superstar Pilar.

Polish broodmares are prized the world over as the source of the success for many of the most influential and enduring international Arabian breeding programs. Faithful to tradition, Poland is once again proud to offer many of its finest proven producers in the primes of their lives. Some of the most appealing include distinguished Janów matrons ANDALUZJA & POHULANKA, both of whom have produced Polish National Champion Stallions: Alert & Poganin, respectively. From Michałów, the long necked, smooth bodied invaluable Emigrantka daughter ENDORRA, the athletic and broody Ganges daughter DIASPORA, and the elegant Emigrant daughter LUANDA are sure to inspire interest from the most insightful breeders. A fine young mare from Białka also belongs to this esteemed collection of broodmatrons - the superbly conformed HULALA, daughter of Polish National Champion Stallion/Racehorse Pamir and the gorgeous All Scandinavian Reserve Champion Hulanka.

12037_mediumWhile PALABRA & WIEŻA BABEL may be the most famous aspiring show ring superstars amongst the 2011 collection, several other fresh faces possess yet untapped potential capable of taking their new owners to the winners circle in elite international competition.  Two exuberant, big trotting daughters of undefeated Triple Crown winner Ekstern are destined for greatness - the beautiful bodacious BOHEMA and the exuberantly athletic ENTIMA, the latter a maternal sister to international celebrity Etnologia. Two typey and feminine daughters of international icon Magnum Psyche - KASHIRA & FUMELIA - represent the best of Polish private breeding, as does the stunning SATENIA, a granddaughter of Magnum Psyche through the universally adored Champion Maker WH Justice. International breeders will also have the opportunity the acquire two of Białka's best young specimen: the young CAMILIA - a long necked, animated and stylish beauty with a pedigree of distinguished champions, as well as the premier daughter of champion maker Gazal Al Shaqab - the stunning FABRYSZKA. While Polish National Champion Złocień is represented by his best get, daughter BAJADERKA, a highly decorated youngster acquainted very well with European arenas.

For those breeders looking for athletic potential with inherent race talent, the Pride of Poland once again delivers with several established mares from renowned racing families. Michałów's "G" family of athletes tracing to the legendary Ofirka through Gastronomia & Gilza has always ranked amongst the leaders on the race track - the Eldon daughter GIRALDA and the enticing black GROBLA embody the best of this heritage. Janów's super successful "S" family of racing luminaries has produced more female track winners than any other - the solidly conformed SARBIA faithfully represents the type, construction and performance ability expected from this lineage of greatness, whilst also exhibiting show arena potential as one of the leading daughters of Ekstern.

While females have traditionally garnered the greatest acclaim in past Polish auctions, many reputable stallions have been selectively offered with great success. Four very special offers strengthen the depth of the 2011 Pride of Poland offer for international breeders. Two former Polish National Junior Champion Stallions CELSJUSZ and ZŁOCIEŃ represent the best of their modern show and breeding heritage. ZIGI ZAN, a rare son Padrons Psyche out of the inimitable Zagrobla, is also another stallion with great promise for the aspiring breeder. Whereas the successful show dazzler ELMARAN marks the first time that the get of Straight Egyptian champion Al Maraam graces the Janów Podlaski auction stage.

Several of the very best horses in the history of Polish breeding have crossed the Pride of Poland stage, selling with great fanfare and enthusiasm and establishing record prices year after year. More importantly, hundreds (dozens each year) of emerging stars have been purchased for relative bargain sums. Success has been realized on every level - in the show ring, in the breeding barn and on the long term prosperity and prestige of the world`s leading Arabian horse programs. For the fortunate buyers and breeders diligently determined to discover and purchase mares and stallions from the Pride of Poland each year, the reward has had resounding influence on the Arabian breed in every corner of the world.

Discover for yourself the world of opportunity and future rewards that await in Pride of Poland 2011...


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