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Pride of Poland 2012 Preview

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By Scott Benjamin

16910_mediumThe annual tradition of Polish Arabian Horse Days each August has become a mainstay of the international Arabian horse calendar and must-attend event for the most astute and enlightened breeders, trainers, agents and promoters from all six inhabited continents. What began as a modest collection of well-bred broodmares and aspiring stallions intimately offered in the early autumn back in the late 1960s, the annual Polish auction has evolved into the single most important public auction of Arabian horses in the world. Determining the market trends and setting the international standard for well over four decades, the Pride of Poland is not only the definitive experience of Polish Arabian Horse Days each year, but the cornerstone event that has anchored the global Arabian horse industry in progressive reality from the highs and lows of the 20th century into the expanded and enriched global community that has defined the new millennium.

Once again, the State Studs and the leading private breeders of Poland have assembled a superlative and inspired collection of young mares representing the crème de la crème of the Polish breeding program. Ever aware of market trends and the desires of breeders and owners from around the world, the Poles have assembled the youngest group of mares ever offered at public auction for Pride of Poland 2012 to meet the demands of the international show ring and the aspirations of the leading international breeding programs. Those seeking mares of world-class quality as both an elite show horse with the talent to succeed on the global stage as well as respected broodmatrons with the ability to cross consistently well with the world's leading bloodlines will be delighted to find a bevy of auspicious young beauties that are certain to exceed expectations.

The success of the Polish breeding program has always been firmly built on the strength of both tradition and innovation. It is in the young mares of Poland, succeeding and setting the standard as show horses and broodmares around the world, that this synergy of tradition and innovation is manifest most supremely.

Over the course of the last decade, the leading banner carriers for the Polish breeding program both at home and abroad have been the daughters of the inimitable Gazal Al Shaqab. A sire of epic proportions worldwide, his success with the mares of Poland at the onset of the new millennium has raised the standard of excellence now expected from the State Studs. Himself the embodiment of the harmonious union of tradition and innovation, World Champion Gazal Al Shaqab represents the best of his Egyptian and Polish heritage, the combination of which has produced remarkable results at all three State Studs. The Gazal daughters Pianissima & Emandoria have both been US National, European, All Nations Cup & World Champion, while Pianissima and Pinga have been the only mares in the history of the Polish National Show to be named Polish National Junior & Senior Mare as well as twice Best in Show. Several other Gazal daughters have achieved major international success, while others still, such as Pieta, Fabryszka and Estaka, have commanded record setting prices in the annual auction.

16913_mediumNo less than nine premier daughters of Gazal Al Shaqab headline Pride of Poland 2012. Amongst these is the pride of Janów Podlaski, the powerful and engaging ETNOLOGIA. Already a highly decorated international achiever as Bronze Champion Mare at the European Championships, a Top Five Champion at the All Nations Cup & Polish National Show, a World Top Ten at the Salon du Cheval, and the Junior Champion Filly/Best in Show at the Polish Spring Show in Białka, ETNOLOGIA grows more beautiful and captivating with each passing year. Her dynamic, animated trot is amongst the very best in the breed, a stellar attribute that has earned her a resounding collection of perfect 20s in nearly every show ring performance. Aging with grace, dignity and refinement, ETNOLOGIA is a most uniquely a marquee member of the Elza family through both sire and dam, direct tail-female through the immortal Etna and via Gazal through his great-great-granddam Ellora. Both future show ring glory and success as an elite broodmare are assuredly part of ETNOLOGIA's destiny. As she sells in foal to World Champion Kahil Al Shaqab, expect ETNOLOGIA to be in highest demand.

Standing alongside ETNOLOGIA in terms of impressive achievement, aristocratic heritage and ambitious potential is Michałów's enchanting EJRENE, an alluring bay mare of uncommon feminine charm and appeal. EJRENE's show ring accolades have been impressive to date: Polish National Junior Champion Filly & Silver Senior Champion Mare; Polish Spring Show Junior Champion Mare; twice World Top Ten Junior Mare; and most impressively, twice Gold Champion Senior Mare at the Wels International Show. Also an outstanding mover, EJRENE is most beloved for exquisite face, harmonious balance, refined elegance and disarming femininity. EJRENE not only possesses the influence of Gazal in her pedigree, but that of the legendary Monogramm, another of the epochal sires utilized in Poland in the last quarter century, through her beloved dam Emocja. Furthermore, EJRENE is not only an elite member of Michałów's world famous "E" family of Emigracja, she is a direct granddaughter of the incomparable icon herself. The descendants of Emigracja are always in high demand worldwide - as a very close relative of Emandoria, EJRENE represents an opportunity of world-class proportions.

Six other promising and well-bred daughters of Gazal from Janów and Michałów have also been made available to discriminating buyers. EPIKRYZA, out of a full-sister to Ecaho, is a very close relative of superstar ETNOLOGIA, while POMERANIA, the last daughter of the all-time leading dam of Polish champions PIPI, is a ¾ sister to international icon Pinga. AGATIA embodies the best of both her Eukaliptus & Algeria heritage, while DIORAMA embodies the athletic strength of her maternal grandsire, Derby-winner and Polish National Champion Pamir, as well as that of her accomplished dam line tracing tail-female to the supreme source of athleticism: Forta. FUNKIA, bred to Polish National Champion Esparto, is a well-designed and appealing Gazal daughter who hails from the same family as former Pride of Poland headliner - World Reserve Champion Fallada. In turn EUNORA traces tail-female to Michałów's "E" family through Estebna, the first ever European Champion Mare, who also happens to be the tail-female ancestor of the "King of the Ring" Ekstern, to whom EUNORA is most appealingly in foal for 2013. Whereas EMMONIDA is not only a daughter of World Champion Emmona, a descendant of the immortal Emigracja and a granddaughter of Monogramm, but carries in her a foal by World Silver Medalist and Kahil Al Shaqab's greatest rival - Shanghai E.A.

16912_mediumThe exotic and charismatic daughters of undefeated World Champion Ekstern have been in high demand since their debut in Poland over a decade ago. Several have achieved international acclaim in the show ring, while others have proven themselves outstanding producers of world-class quality. No less than eight of his elite daughters are offered in Pride of Poland 2012, including several of his most respected and admired. Amongst these is Białka's star attraction, the beautiful and compelling HERLINA, a long-necked, big moving beauty who has been a consistent winner in the show ring. Multi-international champion PIAWEA, in foal to World Champion Kahil Al Shaqab, represents the very best of Polish private breeding with outstanding feminine type and refinement, a large luminous eye and an effusive show attitude. Janów Podlaski's beguiling BIRUTA has also been a consistent show star, with a powerful trot, exceptional balance and structure, excellent type and a commanding presence. Michałów is once again offering one of its very best in ELGINA, an exceptionally elegant mare of classic Saklawi type who is a daughter of international champion Egna, one of the most beloved daughters of the legendary Eukaliptus. The lovely and feminine CYMRA is another of Białka's best, while the engaging grey Ekstern daughter BASTIA from Janów Podlaski combine the best of their sire's superlative phenotype with the strengths and qualities of their dam lines. The dark horse of Pride of Poland 2012 may just be the young two-year old GATAKA, the inaugural Polska-Arabia Festival Junior Champion Filly in Warsaw in 2011, who combines a double dose of highly desirable Monogramm through both sire and dam.

The Monogramm descendants are always in high demand by breeders and trainers around the world for their ability to succeed both in the show ring and the breeding barn. Two young mares out of his most beloved daughters from the iconic "E" family of Michałów are amongst the 2012 Pride of Poland collection. The refined and elegant ESMIRNA is a daughter of Polish National Reserve Champion Espadrilla, while the athletically inclined EMBORIA is out of World Cup Reserve Champion Embra.

The Emigracja family continues to thrive throughout Poland in private breeding as well as witnessed by promising young ESPINEZJA, a consistent winner in international show ring with Top Five placings at the All Nations Cup and the European Championships. She also adds the Monogramm influence through her maternal grandsire Ganges, as well as the quality of her sire Psytadel, one of the most successful and respected sires in Europe.

16909_mediumUnited States multi-National Champion Enzo has proven a success with the mares of Poland having sired three successive Polish National Junior Champions including Palabra, a star of Pride of Poland 2011 who commanded a selling price of €400,000. Three Enzo daughters are offered in 2012, including Polish Spring Show Top Five PERESPA, out of a full sister to the dam of Palabra, BENITA in foal to World Champion Kahil Al Shaqab, and the Białka-bred CIRI, in foal to Straight Egyptian Haytham Albadeia.

The maternal sister of international icon and Pride of Poland record setter Kwestura is also sure to inspire the best breeders from around the world. Sired by the influential Laheeb, the captivating KAROLINA has been a consistent producer of quality and type. The Emigrant daughter PERGA joins the rank of his daughters that have added prestige to previous auctions, while the El Nabila B daughter NIZARA and the Matropolis NA daughter ELWA offer both the structure and athleticism for which the Polish breeding program has been renowned for decades.

Look no further than Pride of Poland 2012 for the next major step in your breeding and/or show program. Chart your path to success with the celebrated tradition of excellence and proven genetic strength of the Polish Arabian horse. Join the innovative leaders from all over the globe who continue to reap the infinite benefits that define the Arabian horse of Poland.

Discover for yourself the world of opportunity and future rewards that await in Pride of Poland 2012...

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