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Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary announces a truly unique and inspiring fund raiser!
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August 19th, 2009

Proud Spirit is one of the longest existing, privately run sanctuaries for horses in the United States. This award winning 320 acre facility has been providing peace, shelter and dignity to horses in need for nearly 20 years. Currently, there are 70 horses at the sanctuary. is YOUR opportunity to help. And it's simple and inspiring at the same time.

Author and founder of Proud Spirit, Melanie Sue Bowles made this announcement: "We are asking everyone who sees this press release to consider purchasing two copies of my book, Hoof Prints: More Stories from Proud Spirit. All my author royalties go to the horses. But there's more, and this the fun part about this unique and inspiring fund raiser! We are asking that when you purchase the books you keep one for yourself, but give the other one away to someone you don't know. This accomplishes two very profound things: it directly helps the horses at Proud Spirit, but it also inspires you to perform a random act of kindness. Just keep the second copy in your car or your briefcase or at your barn. When you feel inspired to give it away, go for it! We are so disconnected in this age of the Internet...we need to connect with each other. What a beautiful way to do that, by spreading the word of the moving true story about the horses of Proud Spirit."

The books about Proud Spirit are available through any book store or on-line seller. For more information go to:


Melanie Sue Bowles
Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary