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Region 4 2012 Results
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July 3rd, 2012

Region 4 2012 results

JS Starina
Champion Half Arabian Hunter Pleasure
T5 Half Arabian Mares
T5 Half Arabian Mares AOTH with Thomas Loveless 

Deelish LOA
Champion Half Arabian Country Select ATR with Jamie Sutherlin
T5 Half Arabian Country ATR with Jamie Sutherlin
T5 Half Arabian Show Hack 

MLC Denali
T5 Hunter Pleasure Geldings
T5 Hunter Pleasure

Cheval llc wishes to extend a huge thank you to Jesse Saldana and Todd Ehret for their generous support and help with Deelish LOA and JS Starina. Congratulations also to Tom and Jamie for doing so well at their first regional show ever. Cheval llc is indebted to all the friends and family who work so hard to make each show a success.