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Rescued Arabian Looking for a Home
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September 1st, 2009

Handsome Young Arabian Horse Looking for a Loving Home

6585_mediumDreamchaser Horse Rescue found Rhett in a malnourishment situation.  He was rescued and currently living at the rescue and making friends everywhere he goes.  He is a happy boy now that he is putting on weight and growing taller, almost each day it seems.  He is a 4 year old, non-registered Arabian.  He is still rather small at 14.1 hands but now that he is getting the proper nutrition, he seems to be responding well and we feel he is going to continue to grow in height and bulk as he is exercised more.  He has been ridden and readily accepts everything with a willingness and good attitude.  Since he is still growing, he will need a light rider.

For more information on Rhett or to come and meet him, please call Dreamchaser at 623-910-6530