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Rio Arabian Show: A Meeting with the Sea
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October 27th, 2009


Text and photos by Rogerio Santos

Held in the fascinating ecological haven located in the coast of Angra dos Reis with its 365 islands and surrounded by the greenish Serra do Mar, the Rio Arabian Show is the event where the Arabian Horse meets the sea in Brazil. This annual event has been held for 6 years at Hotel do Frade, a sophisticated resort located in the Southern area of Rio de Janeiro State that offers among its facilities a golf course and a marina. As usual, the event was superbly organized by the nice couple of breeders, Claudio and Nancy Hirsch, owners of the Stud Farm Namahê. This year the show took place on June 31st-August 02nd and was judged by the Brazilians Lenita Perroy and Marcelo Borges and the Italian Fausto Scanzi. A stallion imported from Poland by Jaime Pinheiro, owner of the Vila dos Pinheiros Stud Farm, the stud *Emiliusz was awarded the Champion Horse prize by the judges, and as Reserve, Stud Farm JM's Mister Style JM, owned by José and Maisa Alves.

Dapple gray *Emiliusz is the offspring of the Egyptian Laheeb with the Polish Emocja (by Monogramm), bred by Poland's Michalow Stud Farm and belongs to the celebrated dam line "E" whose grandmother from the mother's side is Emigracja, this family's current big star, the mother and grandmother of big race horses and international halter champions. This was its second appearance in Brazilian exhibitions and in both it became the Unanimous Senior Champion Stallion. Its Reserve, Mister Style JM, has already been the National Reserve Champion Colt and has currently re-started its stallion career in Brazil after experiencing a period of shows and breeding in the Midwest Training Centre owned by David Boggs. It is the son of *Style SRA, one of the most successful among the offspring of Bey Shah breeding in Brazil. Mister Style's dam is Jaklanna JM, daughter of Jahd El Jamaal with C Fantasy Shaklan (by El Shaklan).


The Vila dos Pinheiros and JM stud farms have also had other Champions. HVP, the suffix for Vila dos Pinheiros, has conquered, besides Emiliusz, the Junior Female Championship with Raffoletta Rose HVP, which had just been sold to the Italian breeder Federico Castelanni. Raffoletta is daughter of *Legacy of Fame, son of Legacy of Gold, grandson of Aladdinn. Raffoletta's dam is Magnum Rose HVP (by Magnum Psyche) with *Rohara Antiquibey (by Bey Shah).

Besides Mister Style JM, the JM Stud Farm has also exhibited the Reserve Junior Male Champion Score JM and the Reserve Champion Colt Scorpius D'Score, both sons of the new stud *Pscore (Padrons Psyche x Bey Shahs Lady by Bey Shah) whose dam line is *NV Sure Fire (Aladdinn x Bint Mis Fire by Gdansk) which is the big hit in the exhibition season this year. Score JM's dam, Hestoriah, an Aristocrat in Brazilian breeding, Q' Di Style JM's dam, National Junior Male Champion, Larabeska JM, National Junior Female Champion and Onzza D' Style JM, National Reserve Champion, all of them exported to the United States. Scorpius D'Score's dam is Yvori JM, which is also the dam of Monogramma JM's and Pelka D' Style JM, both female prizewinners of JM breeding.

In addition to the stud Pscore, Padrons Psyche appeared two more times during this exhibition. As sire of the Reserve Junior Female Champion Rose HBV and grandfather of the Champion Filly *Enjelicaa F. Diamond Rose HBV's dam is the National Champion Filly Ryadika HBV (by Ryad El Jamaal) belonging to the breeding of the Boa Vista Stud Farm owned by Luciano and Verinha Cury. *Enjelicaa's sire is Enzo and its dam is Enjelicoo (by Echoo Magnífico). It was raised by the American breeders Steve and Karen Freeman and imported by the couple Valdir and Carla Massari, owners of the Vale do Luar Stud Farm.

The winners of the Mare Championship were two mares belonging to the offspring of *Ali Jamaal. The Champion Kalic Pegasus is an inbreeding of *Ali Jamaal. Its sire is Brioni Carol (by *Ali Jamaal) and its dam is Kalila Van Ryad (by Ryad El Jamaal). It has also entered the runway twice this year and won by unanimous decision. Kalic was raised by the Pegasus Stud Farm and exhibited by Paiquerê Stud Farm owned by Lúcio and his son Térsio Miranda. The Reserve Champion Rayyana K is daughter of *Borsalino, and granddaughter of *Ali Jamaal by *Encore Ali exported to Italy. Rayyana's dam is *MFA Exoticaa daughter of Echo Magnificoo. It was raised by Murilo Kammer, the Aratinga Stud Farm owner, and exhibited by Rodrigo de Castro, the Paineiras Stud Farm owner.

From *Ali Jamaal's sire line also came the Junior Male Champion Ludwig HPA and the Reserve Champion Filly Elinor El Pyher. Ludwig is son of Lethyf El Jamaal in Fanticha HCF (by Don El Chall), and was bred and exhibited by Panorama Stud Farm, owned by Marcos Quintella. The filly Elinor is an inbreeding of *Ali Jamaal. It is the daughter of Pyher El Jamaal (by *Ali Jamaal) with the National Brazilian Champion Mare Eloise El Jamaal (by *Ali Jamaal). Elinor was raised by Meia Lua Stud Farm's Lenita Perroy and exhibited by Stigmatas Stud Farm's Carlos and Jacqueline Menezes.

The Champion Colt HK Keav Power is son of Power World, the new breakthrough in Brazilian breeding, with the mare La Rosa Laswan, daughter of Laswan's brother from the sire's side of Don El Chall, one of the major Brazilian studs. Both are sons of the Russian *Prichal, which left a wonderful offspring in Brazil. HK Keav was bred by Katu Stud Farm owner César Oliveira, an Arabian horse judge in Brazil.


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