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Salayel Arabians - Oasis Featured Farm
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June 13th, 2011

Preserving A Priceless Cultural Icon
By Beth Ellen Hunziker


Arabia! The word evokes images of a world that is both modern and ancient. Today, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is acknowledged and respected as a world leader of industry, energy, technology, and global diplomacy. The people of this nation are committed to positive progress, yet they honor and preserve their history and culture, which are as ancient as the desert sands.

One of the most highly valued cultural treasures of the Saudi people is the Arabian horse. This magnificent creature bears their name and thus it is as close to them as a member of their own family. The Arabian people and the Arabian horse can never be separated - they are intrinsically united as one. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would not exist as we know it today without the Arabian horse, and the Arabian horse would not exist without the people who cared for it and assured its preservation.

The dedication to preserve the Arabian horse, and in particular those with straight Egyptian bloodlines, is as strong today as ever at Salayel Arabians. The scope of this effort extends from their state of the art facility in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, all the way to Plantation, Florida; home of Salayel USA and of La Dulce Vida Arabians, owned by Salayel Arabians' associates, Charley and Martha Suarez. The goal of Salayel Arabians and La Dulce Vida Arabians is to bring together an exceptional group of horses that possess the highest level of quality, type, and beauty, as well as the most valuable and influential bloodlines for the purpose of preserving and protecting these magnificent creatures, that are gifted to us by the Divine, for our enjoyment and enlightenment, as well as for future generations.

The straight Egyptian horses selected for the Salayel breeding program are acquired only after meeting strict criteria. The horses must exhibit the best possible conformation, as well as the distinguishing traits of classic Arabian type. Regardless of how fantastic a horse's conformation might be, it must still undergo the scrutiny of an in depth research into their pedigree to establish their tail female line and strain, in order to determine their potential to contribute to the Salayel program and move toward the farm's breeding goals. These vigorous selection efforts have resulted in a group of elite horses that possess great beauty, exotic type, and powerful genetic strength.


Salayel Arabian Stud, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Salayel Arabian Stud facility, located in Saudi Arabia, is beautifully designed for the care and well being of their priceless horses. The facility consists of a show stable, two stallion stables, two mare stables, a stable for yearlings, a medical care facility with an area for breeding and reproductive science, numerous outdoor exercise areas, several presentation areas, administrative offices, and a beautiful reception space where guests and dignitaries are welcomed with world-famous Arabic hospitality. Recently, Salayel Arabian Stud welcomed guests to an Open Day at the facility in Saudi Arabia, which was held in conjunction with the 2011 Al Khalediah Festival.

Currently, the Salayel herd in Saudi Arabia consists of world-class straight Egyptian stallions, mares, and foals for showing and breeding. The number of horses at the Saudi stud farm is growing with the acquisition of additional bloodstock and the arrival of new foals. Among the horses at the Saudi facility are individuals whose pedigrees represent the most rare and treasured Egyptian bloodlines in the world.


Salayel Arabians & La Dulce Arabians, USA

In 2010, Salayel Arabians and La Dulce Vida Arabians, owned by Charley and Martha Suarez, formed an alliance. They combined their efforts and resources to maximize the results of their individual breeding programs - together they could achieve more. Their common goal is to produce exclusively straight Egyptian Arabian horses of ethereal quality. The breeding program features mares and stallions with lines to some of the most important and influential straight Egyptian sires of the breed including, Ansata Ibn Halima, Salaa El Dine, Ansata Sinan, Jamiil, Ruminaja Ali, Imperial Imdal, Imperial Baarez, Thee Desperado, and others. The most highly sought after female lines in their bloodstock include the matriarchs of the breed such as Magidaa, Deenaa, Ansata Delilah, Ansata Bintnazeer, Hanan, and Ansata Bint Bukra among many others. This is a breeder's paradise.

Salayel USA maintains approximately 20 show and breeding horses at the facility in Plantation, Florida. Among the horses, stallions and mares, fillies and colts, are numerous Regional and Egyptian Event Champions and Reserve Champions. The herd includes 13 straight Egyptian mares of breeding age and younger show fillies that will be bred when they come of age. In 2011, all but two of these mares will be, or have already been, bred to Salayel owned stallions. The excitement and anticipation of this next generation of straight Egyptian foals is tremendous because it represents an important leap of progress for the evolving Salayel breeding program.

Breeders of Arabian horses, and especially straight Egyptian Arabians, are more like family than associates. This tight knit group has been successful for more than 40 years because they share their love of the horses and the common goal to preserve and protect them. Each year these dedicated breeders gather together at the Pyramid Society's annual Egyptian Event held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky to showcase their horses. The Event is one of the most important weeks of the year for Egyptian breeders around the world, not only because of the competition, but because it is an opportunity to share ideas and information about their beloved horses. This year, Salayel Arabians is bringing an incredible group of show horses to the Event and they will also be presenting some of their top breeding stock as well. A gathering such as the Event is the result of breeders working together. In 2011, Salayel has assumed a leadership role and has committed to be a major sponsor of the Pyramid Society's Egyptian Event. This generous gift speaks of Salayel Arabians' deep commitment and dedication to preserving the Arabian horse, a priceless cultural icon, for breeders of today and for future generations.