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Sandro Pinha and International Training Center
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July 15th, 2008

Sandro Pinha
International Arabian Horseman

We are citizens of the world, regardless of where we were born. Each of us is able to create our life from the talents and gifts with which we are blessed, but it is up to us to do the work and to take the risks if we want to reap life's rewards. Sandro Pinha is a perfect example of this philosophy.

Sandro was born in Campinas, Brazil, a small agricultural town about one and a half hours, or 80 miles north of Sao Paulo. Campinas is known by many as the home of Haras Capim Fino, the Arabian horse farm of Brazilian breeder, Paulo Levy. Sandro's father worked at the farm which allowed Sandro the opportunity of growing around the world class Arabian horses that lived there. Sandro started working with the horses of Haras Capim Fino when he was just 12 years old. He loved the work - he had a natural talent that quickly developed with his daily interaction with the horses. Sandro began assisting with the training of the Hara Capim Fino horses when he was 15 years. Before long he was showing horses throughout Brazil - including the very competitive Brazilian National Championships.

Over the years that Sandro spent presenting the horses of Haras Capim Fino, both in the show ring and to farm visitors, he was silently watching, taking mental notes, and learning all about the Arabian industry. It was during that time that Sandro met and became acquainted with David Boggs. A longtime friend of Paulo Levy, as well as a frequent visitor to the farm, David has trained his eye to see potential - everywhere. He saw Sandro's talent and gift for working with the horses and encouraged him in many ways.

In 1998 Sandro left his home and family and moved to Minnesota where he joined athe team at Midwest Training Centre. Over the next seven years Sandro showed horses throughout North and South America, Europe, and Africa where he won numerous national and international championships.

One area that Sandro had spent considerable time was warm and sunny, Scottsdale, Arizona. He loved it there - the thriving Arabian horse community, the pleasant climate, the fast pace of the city - it seemed like the perfect place for a young, motivated, and dedicated horseman like Sandro. In 2005 he made the decision and he move to Scottsdale.

Dixie and Bob North, of North Arabians in Ramona, California - and guardian of the leading living legend Padrons Psyche - had worked with Sandro when he first came to the United States. They had seen his skills and talent in action, and they were impressed. In 2006 the Norths offered Sandro a position at their newly opened International Training Center located in Scottsdale. Sandro joined Dixie and Bob, as well as his long time friend and associate, and fellow Brazilian horseman, Rodolfo Guzzo. Sandro gives a lot of credit to Rodolfo for getting him started the right way. According to Sandro, when he was just 14 years old, Rodolfo was the person who first taught him how to stand up a halter horse. Now all these years later, the two friends are reunited.

International Training Center offers a comprehensive list of services to their clients. Among Sandro's many responsibilities at the center are equine evaluation for showing and breeding, training and showing halter horses of all ages, coaching amateur owners, stallion management, and marketing. Perhaps the most highly motivating factor for opening International Training Center was the location - Scottsdale. This allows Sandro, Rodolfo, and the Norths the opportunity to optimize their marketing and promotional efforts during the "Scottsdale Season". Although Sandro admits that his days are full during the season, his nonstop schedule continues throughout the year attending shows and events around the world.

International Training Center may be located in Scottsdale, Arizona, but Sandro's focus extends far beyond the city limits. Through the sales of world class Arabian horses to more than a dozen countries including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Dubai, Jordan, Mexico, South Africa, Uruguay, and of course the United States - Sandro has helped to make ITC a truly global enterprise. With clients ranging from stay-at-home moms, to successful business professionals, to members of Royalty, Sandro's greatest satisfaction comes from selecting just the right horse to fulfill his client's individual goals - he enjoys helping to make their dreams come true.

When asked the question, "Sandro, can you believe the life you are living?" He paused and then quietly replied, "No, I really can't. I was born in a small village in Brazil. I grew up on a farm there. I left my home and family to come to the United States. Now, here I am working at one of the top Arabian horse farms. I get to travel and meet people from all around the world - it's really more than I could ever have imagined - and it's all because of the Arabian horse."