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Scottsdale Arabian Horse Farm Tours
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November 12th, 2009

The Tours have started!
Photos from Wednesday are available at:


2010 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Farm Tours

December 30th - January 3rd
Full list of participating farms now available!

Now in the third year, the Scottsdale Farm Tours are quickly becoming an anticipated holiday occasion and an important preceding event to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. In addition to being a wonderful opportunity to get outside and enjoy Scottsdale's pleasant winter weather, the farm tours offer an inside look at the local Arabian horse community.


In addition to gathering together horse enthusiasts, uniting related business representatives, and showcasing the Arabian horse to the public, the farm tours are designed to bring well-deserved exposure to the Arabian farms of Scottsdale, Arizona. Supporting local horse farms and promoting the Arabian horse within the community this way has proven effective. In addition to new exposure for participating farms, last year's event generated over 3 million dollars in related sales over the nine-day tour. The tours are a welcome informal opportunity to buy and sell horses and offer an excellent face-to-face networking forum for participating farms while building interest and excitement for Scottsdale show contenders. Many of the horses available to view have not been shown publicly prior to the tours, making it a great chance to find and purchase the perfect contender for the Scottsdale show and beyond.

6996_mediumRepresentatives of the many industries adjacent to the Arabian horse lifestyle enjoy the event as a unique networking opportunity. For the general public, or those curious about the industry, the tours are the perfect occasion to experience the culture and lifestyle of Arabian horses in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Farm tour visitors are exposed to the Arabian horse lifestyle, local farms, and the wonderful network of related business people in attendance. The tours are completely free and attendees have the option to visit one, some, or all of the farms on the tour. Guests can socialize, feed the horses, enjoy music and food, and simply appreciate the beauty of winter in the desert.

Live video feeds will be available from select farms. More information on the participating farms will be posted as it becomes available.
Full list of participating farms now available!


View photos from this year: (courtesy of Darryl Larson & Brandon Wiggins)

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