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SMF 2nd Fun Summer Gathering
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August 22nd, 2012

17245_mediumOn August 18 and 19th 2012, in the Santa Ynez Valley of California Silver Maple Farm put on the second "Fun Summer Gathering". Hosts and Owners, Christie and Henry Metz created a template for putting on a "Gathering" that breeders or owners everywhere could emulate. The event was staged between Montanaro Farms, a lovely venue in Los Olivos, California and Silver Maple Farm. Although very casual, it was amid beautiful surroundings in an old store atmosphere placed in the middle of an alfalfa field. Local speakers headlined on the health issues with Dr. Phoebe Smith DVM of Riviera Equine leading off with a talk on the "Top Ten Equine Emergencies"; followed by Keri Wright of Cariswood Arabian Farm in Utah. Keri talked about the valuable reference material out there to help breeders make their decisions and owners to learn more about their horse's origins through written and pictorial information. A picnic, complete with box lunches followed at SMF. After a nice easy lunch, the group was given a "Virtual Reality Tour" of one of the Glorietasayonaara family at the farm. After a short but welcome break on a very hot afternoon, everyone returned to the Montanaro Farm for a dinner sponsored by Al Jassimya Farm.  Dr. Doug Herthel of Alamo Pintado Equine Clinic spoke about the use of stem cells along with nutrition for healing horses. He showed a very poignant and powerful video on Eli the donkey that was paralyzed by an accident; through stem cell injection he was able to walk again! Doug's' son, Mark Herthel, of Platinum Performance Feeds followed by showing us all the latest on how nutrients work in healing the horses. There was amazing data presented to bolster their findings. Christie Metz wound up the evening with her Power Point presentation of the Virtual Reality Tour of an Equine Family using their foundation mare Glorietasayonaara. Christie remarked on the importance of a pedigree as a means for pictorial ancestry, written origins, marketability because of purity and the importance of carrying traits forward. Artist Judith Wagner displayed her paintings and Mary Alexander of Qninedesign showed her beautiful decorative halters, breast and dog collars. On Sunday morning, everyone resumed the weekend at SMF in order to talk with speakers and celebrate Simeon Shai's 28th birthday. Christie and Henry presented his progeny residing there at the farm and finished with his favorite cinnamon cookies and one of Sandee Andrews amazing cupcakes! Shortly after noon all departed but it was obvious how much they enjoyed their community and the hospitality.