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Southern Cross Arabians Welcomes Two Ajman Moniscione Colts
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April 26th, 2012

After much anticipation our two Ajman Moniscione colts have finally arrived!
Sunset Alight gave birth to an extraordinarily pretty chestnut colt on 28th Feb. He oozes attitude and struts around the paddock commanding attention from any onlookers. This colt inherited the best attributes of both his sire and dam. He is extremely pretty, with a short, dished face. His long neck is set beautifully and extends to a refined throat. He has very correct legs and feet. His powerful hindquarters, a gift from his dam, propel his arrogant strut around the paddock ... his tail perched over his back while he snorts to tell the world that he is ready to make his mark on history!
This colt's pedigree incorporates a collection of the world's most respected and influential Arabians. His sire's pedigree features greats such as WH Justice, Magnum Psyche, double Padron, and El Shaklan. His dam's pedigree includes elite stallions such as Asfour, El Shaklan, Amir El Shaklan, Simeon Shai, and Kiss And Tell. All of these stallions, together with the sensational mares in his pedigree have contributed to producing this excellent colt. We could not be happier with this cross.


Kiss To Remember gifted us with her Ajman Moniscione colt on 27th March. This bay colt is truly exceptional in every way. He exudes type. His exotic head is perfectly sculptured and complimented with a tiny muzzle. A fine throat adds to his impressive front, set on his athletic and masculine body. His movement is floating, yet powerful, and becomes even more magical in combination with his high tail carriage. This colt is of the highest calibre and we believe that he will be a valued addition to the Arabian breed worldwide.