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Spirit Acres Equine Rescue
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December 20th, 2011

Spirit Acres Farm Equine Rescue and Sanctuary in Montgomery, Texas is a 501c-3 non profit agency and has been in opperation since 2003. We currently have an immediate need for a facility that could be used as a rescue and sanctuary. Legal efforts to continue to use our original location are of little value and we must move the farm hopefully to a better setting and allow the valuable work to go forward for the lives of so many horses. We care for an average of 60 horses year round, 24/7. We currently have about 30 acres, so space is a necessity as well as barns, sheds, water, electricity, safe fencing, any pens and the stuff  that horse life requires, hay storage, personnel housing, office, possible arena for horse work and education center. We need a long term lease at very small cost as a donation fed and run farm incoming funds are not a lot.  We are all volunteers as well. But a good job is done by very able people at this time. We would offer tax write offs/receipts  for any donations to the rescue as this is the opportunity a non-profit can give to a donor for their gift. Possibly there is a facility or land that could be donated and placed in a trust and the facility can carry the donor's name in their honor and thereby seal a special gift to the Magnificent Horses beloved by so many.

Thank you for  this special opportunity to share a very urgent need for the needy horses we know and for those countless numbers waiting to come through our gates.


Spirit Acres