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The 2008 Egyptian Event - A Celebration of the Egyptian Arabian Horse
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July 28th, 2008

The 2008 Egyptian Event

A Celebration of the Egyptian Arabian Horse

By Beth Hunziker Mishek

Horses, horses, horses, Kentucky is a state that's all about horses. They even have a park that's dedicated to them. The Kentucky Horse Park is 1500 acres of heaven for those of us who loves these wonderful creatures. It welcomes everyone with its lush, green pastures, neatly painted fences, and cobble stone walk ways. The handsome buildings and barns are topped with classic cupolas and equine weather vanes. It's quiet, peaceful, and yet there is something that stirs the heart and gives a rush of excitement - it's the wonder and anticipation of seeing the horses. This is the setting for The Pyramid Society's annual Egyptian Event, the largest celebration in the world dedicated to the most historic breed and its nobility, the Egyptian Arabian horse.
This was the 28th year that The Pyramid Society brought together breeders from around the world to showcase their extraordinary horses. The Egyptian Event is much more than just a horse show - it's also an international, social, and educational event. In addition to the competition for straight Egyptian and Egyptian-sired horses, there were lectures, demonstrations, workshops, and parties, parties, and more parties. Ask anyone who has ever attended the Egyptian Event and chances are they will tell you that it's one of their favorite Arabian horse shows.
An important part of any Arabian horse show is the panel of judges. The officials for this year's Event were as international as the horses they evaluated. The panel for the regular classes included Majdi Al Saleh of Jordan, Scott Benjamin of Canada, and Marie Louise Van Wyk of South Africa. There was a separate set of judges for the Egyptian Breeders Challenge and they included Cecile Hetzel Dunn of the US, Ms. Dunn also judged the performance classes; Corky Sutton, also from the US; and Ann Norden of Sweden. The Saturday evening championships were judged by a combination of five of these judges.
In addition to the quality of the horses, one of the most remarkable aspects of the show was that the number of entries at this Event was actually higher than the previous year. Amidst all of the critical comments about the state of the breed, this was a wonderful testimony to the enduring commitment of Egyptian Arabian horse breeders.

The Egyptian Event truly is a show that's different than any other. It is a breeders' show which emphasizes the horses and their bloodlines. Unlike other shows, participants at this show more than likely know their horse's pedigree. At the Egyptian Event, the breeders and owners value the familial heritage of a horse equally as much as its quality, conformation, and type. These owners have a goal in mind and that is how to preserve, protect, and perpetuate horses of Egyptian bloodlines. With that in mind, here are some of the top winning horses, their breeders, and owners from the 2008 Egyptian Event....

Straight Egyptian Fillies and Mares....

Reserve Jr Filly
The Reserve Junior Champion Filly and First Place Winner in the Futurity Finals for Straight Egyptian Yearling Fillies, Jan 1- Apr 15 wasNaadirah KA (Makhnificent KA x Isabella KA by Marquis I), bred and owned by Kehilan Bloodstock. The initials KA indicate that Kehilan Arabians bred not only the winning filly, Naadirah KA, but her sire and dam as well. It was a very successful pairing of stallion to mare and no doubt one that will be repeated. The strength of Naadirah KA's male line is doubled as both her sire, Makhnificent KA, and her maternal grandsire, Marquis I, are by Makhsous, thus repeating the family on both sides of her pedigree. Diversity and strength are gained through the mares in Naadirah KA's pedigree. Star Bint Hafiza, Antigua Dance, Dahmah Shahwaniah, and Bint Maisa El Saghira are just a few of the stars. Naadirah KA's tail female lines traces back 13 generations to the mare Roga El Beida.
The winner in the Futurity Finals for Straight Egyptian Yearling Fillies, Apr 16 - Dec 31 wasEtaya Sudan Zahra (Imperial Mistaar x Etaya Shai Zahra by Simeon Shai), bred and owned by Jennifer Parsons. Some of the most influential contemporary stallions in the pedigree of this winning filly include Imperial Baarez, PVA Kariim, Imperial Imdal, and of course the Canadian National, US National, and World Champion Stallion Simeon Shai. The mares in Etaya Sudan Zahra's pedigree are equally strong. Imperial Mistilll, BB Ora Kalilah, ATA Nile Mist, Simeon Safanad, Hanan, and 27 Ibn Galal all contributed to her genetic strength. The tail female line of Etaya Sudan Zahra traces back an amazing 17 generations to the mare Ghazieh.
The Reserve Supreme Champion Mare, Junior Champion Filly, and Winner of the Futurity Finals for Straight Egyptian Two-Year-Old Fillies was Desha Indeed (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Asra Salaa by Salaa El Dine), bred and owned by Sandra and Hank DeShazer. Desha Indeed is an incredibly lovely filly. Her pedigree is brimming with beauty, but perhaps the most exotic among her family are the stallions including her sire, Al Adeed Al Shaqab, his sire, Ansata Halim Shah - he appears twice in the pedigree - and of course there's the wonderful Saala El Dine. Among the most influential females in the family are Sundar Alisayyah, Ansata Rosetta, Halima, Ansata Bint Bukra, Bint Magidaa, Hanan, and others. Desha Indeed's tail female line traces back 13 generations to the mare Rodania.
In the Extended Specialty for Straight Egyptian Three-Year-Old Mares the winner was Bint Al Riyahh (Thee Asil x Emperial Sparkle by Shahir), bred by Timothy Young and owned by Marion Daniel Head. Looking at the pedigree of this winning filly is like looking into a family album. It's full of familiar faces, and memories of those who have passed on but who have left an indelible mark that is passed from one generation to the next. Morafic, Shaikh Al Badi, Ruminaja Ali, Ansata Halim Shah, and Ansata Imperial - these genetic giants are gone, but the stallion line continues through Thee Asil. Many influential mares have also passed - Magidaa, Bint Magidaa, Hanan, but they too live on through their daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughters. Bint El Riyahh traces back 12 generations on her tail female line to the mare Venus.
Winning the Extended Specialty for Straight Egyptian Four-Year-Old Mares wasMA Lexlina (Thee Desperado x Farralina by Farres), bred by Miars Enterprises LP and owned by DK Arabians. You don't have to look far to find where this filly got her winning good looks. Her sire, Thee Desperado, is universally respected as a sire. In fact many of the stallions in her pedigree are among the leading sires of the breed. Her dam, Farralina is by the Anaza El Farid son, Farres, and she is out of the PH Safina daughter, BB Orakalina. These individuals and their offspring are proven producers of champions and champion producers. MA Lexlina traces back 16 generations in her tail female line to the mare Jellabiet Feysul.

Egyptian Bred Fillies....
The First Place winner in the Futurity Finals for Egyptian Bred Yearling Fillies was Sanctuary Shahkirah (Thee Desperado x Passionate Bey by Bey Shah), bred and owned by Helen Calloway. This winning filly is every thing one would imagine considering her breeding. She has the exotic type of her sire as well as the charisma and carriage of her dam and maternal grandsire, Bey Shah, one of the all time leading sires of the breed.
Taking Top Honors in the Futurity Finals for Egyptian Bred 2-Year-Old Fillies was Fire Queen SMF (Ali Saourkh x Shaia by Simeon Shai), bred and owned by Christie and Henry Metz of Silver Maple Farm. Fire Queen SMF is a gorgeous young bay filly. Her sire, Ali Saroukh, is deeply Ansata bred. Her dam, U.S. National Reserve Champion Mare Shaia, is by the straight Egyptian triple-crown champion, Simeon Shai and out of the straight Spanish mare Bint Zlabiya, making her an example of the "Golden Cross", which is the blending of Egyptian and Spanish bloodlines - a cross recognized world wide for producing individuals of extreme type and extraordinary quality.

World Class Fillies and Mares....
Winning the World Class Yearling Fillies wasTF Laureyna (Botswana x Temima by ZT Faa'Iq), bred and owned by Allison Mehta. From the very beginning of the show, the name Botswana was like an echo it was repeated so often. Class after class his offspring made their presence known. It seems Botswana is doing an outstanding job consistently producing foals of exceptional type and quality. Some lesser known mares including Charm Of Halima, ZT Jamdusah, IES Sondusah, and SF Bint Sonbohla add diversity to this filly's pedigree. A further search reveals that this straight Egyptian filly traces back 12 generations in her tail female line to the mare Rodania.
The First Place winner in World Class Two-Year-Old Fillies was Bint Tasaqqara (Botswana x Tasaqqara by Ibn Morafic), bred by Duane Scudder and owned by Carol Penn. Bint Tasaqqara is another winner sired by the double The Minstril grandson, Botswana. She is a wonderful example of the quality that this sire line is able to produce.
But don't forget the mares - Bint Tasaqqara, Tasaqqara, Talshamah, Shamah, Rafica, Om El Saad - this filly comes from a long, strong line of mares. We can trace Bint Tasaqqara's tail female line back 11 generations to the mare Rodania.
First in World Class Three-Year-Old Mares wasGrace Of Sinan (Mishaal HP x Sammars Gift by The Minstril), bred by Frankie or Rick Laible, owned by Rebecca Lustig. The sire of the winning filly, Mishaal HP, is a German import that has many ties to the champion producing Ansata lines. Both of Sammars Gift's sire and dam were sired by Ruminaja Ali, so those lines are very strong. It is the mares in Grace of Sinan's pedigree that make a difference. Grace of Sinan, Sammars Gift, Alia Wanisa, Wanisa, Bint Omayma, Omayma, - the tail female line continues for 13 generations and traces back to the mare Rodania
Reserve Senior Champion Mare and Winner of the World Class Four and Five-Year-Old Mares was EE Bella Lucia (Hawkeye CC x LS Thee Desiree by Thee Desperado), bred by Marlis Amato, and owned by Jeffrey Lapoint. EE Bella Lucia's sire, Hawkeye CC, a son of the internationally influential sire Imperial Imdal, is also owned by Jeffrey LaPoint. Sons of Imperial Imdal are among the most prolific producers of international champions in the breed. They are the sires of choice for both straight Egyptian and outcross breeding program across the globe. The mares on both the sire side and the dam side of EE Bella Lucia's pedigree have all contributed to her quality, type and presence. LS Thee Desiree, AK Rafia, AK Rafica, Alnahr Mon Ami, and Bint Fada - this tail female line traces back a staggering 16 generations to the mare Jellabiet Feysul.
Supreme Champion Mare, Senior Champion Mare, and Winner of the World Class Mares Six to Nine-Years-Old was EHP Ayanna (Imperial Imdal x Dorian Fa Halima by Prince Fa Moniet), bred by Edna Poche, and owned by Hank and Sandy DeShazer. EHP Ayanna possesses beauty and breed-ability. Her sire, Imperial Imdal, has had a profound international influence. One of the most visible of his sons has been Laheeb IABS, a stallion that has contributed to the Polish breeding program at the Michalow State Stud, as well as to many straight Egyptian programs. On the female side of EHP Ayanna's pedigree, the first three dams are Dorian Farm bred mares, all well known for their beauty and quality. Dorian Fa Halima, Dorian Sha Halima, Dorian Shahwaniah, Kisra, Omnia - this is a mare line full of femininity and style. Ultimately Ayanna's tail female line traces back 13 generations to the wonderful mare Rodania.
Winning the World Class Mares Ten Years and Older wasShahara El Masr (Shahin El Masr x Ramses Elite by Prince Ibn Shaikh), bred by Shirley Buswell Or Kurt Fingal, and owned by Al Baydaa Egyptian Stud. There are many of the most influential Egyptian sires in Shahara El Masr's pedigree including Anaza El Nisr, a full brother to Anaza El Farid - sire of Gazal Al Shaqab and grand sire of Marwan Al Shaqab - two of the most influential sire in the breed today. However, the mares in Shahara El Masr's pedigree are equally well known, including the world-famous foundation mare Hanan this tail female line traces back nine generations to the foundation mare El Shahbaa.

Straight Egyptian Colts and Stallions....
Winning the Futurity Finals for Straight Egyptian Yearling Colts, Jan 1 - Apr 15, wasMVA Colour Me Cool (True Colours x SKF Tiaara by Imperial Baarez), bred and owned by Jane Washburn and Laurie Emery. The stallions in the pedigree of MVA Colour Me Cool include some that are rather rare and not found in many others - for example Dalul, Imperial Al Kamar, and El Hilal to name just a few. The mares in MVA Colour Me Cool's pedigree are proven champions and champion producers. Some of them include BB Ora Kalilah, PH Safina, Imperial Sonbesjul, Bint Magidaa, Mabrouka, and the historic Serenity Sonbolah. The tail female line of MVA Colour Me Cool traces back 14 generations to the mare El Dahma.
Junior Champion Colt and winner of the Futurity Finals for Straight Egyptian Yearling Colts, Apr 16 - Dec 31, wasJustynn (Alixir x Bint Bint Justina by Thee Desperado), bred and owned by Timothy Manring. This exotic black colt has more than just his good looks and exciting color going for him - Justynn has quality, type, and presence as well as a champion producing pedigree. Although Justynn's pedigree has a phenomenal roster of highly acclaimed straight Egyptian sires, including Thee Desperado, The Minstril, Ruminaja Ali, Shaikh Al Badi, Ibn El Mareek, Jamill, Ansata Ibn Halima, and others; his name reveals another source of his quality - his dam line. It begins with Justynn's dam, Bint Bint Justina, and continues with Alijamila, Ansata Justina, Ansata Judea, Ansata Jamila, Ansata Bint Sameh - this tail female traces all the way back 11 generations to the mare El Dahma.
Winning the Futurity Finals for Straight Egyptian Two-Year-Old Colts was
Rajah KA (Makhnificent KA x Rahimah KA by RA Jahim), by Kehilan Bloodstock and owned by Fanus Crous of New Zealand. Rajah KA is an exotic name which suits this exotic colt. Rajah KA's pedigree represents a unique group of stallions, some of which have not been found in the pedigree of others at this show. A few of those stallions include Ibn Dahmahn, Wahag, Ibn Hafiza, and Tuhotmos. Equally interesting are some of the mares in Rajah KA's pedigree. Some of those mares include AK Amiri, Fayrouz, Dahmah Shahwaniah, Bint El Nil, and Cleopatraa. The tail female line of Rajah KA's pedigree traces back 11 generations to the mare Rodania.
Reserve Supreme Champion Stallion, Reserve Senior Champion Stallion, and Winner of the Extended Specialty Straight Egyptian Three-Year-Old Stallions, was The Legend (Thee Desperado x Alia Shaniah by Shahir), bred by Wanda and Gary Kenworthy and owned by Donald Brandenburg. The Legend is a handsome and charismatic young stallion whose pedigree includes many of the legends of the breed: Thee Desperado, The Minstril, Ruminaja Ali, Shaikh Al Badi, Morafic, Ansata Halim Shah - each of these stallions are included in the list of all time leading sires. That's quite a tradition to uphold. The mares in The Legend's pedigree are highly regarded as well. Although they can not have the same influence as the stallions in terms of numbers of offspring, it is through the success of their sons and daughters that they earn their acclaim. AK Amiri Asmarr, Bahila, Imperial Imphayana, Bint Magidaa, Bint Mona, Hanan, Bint Maisa El Saghira, and Ansata Rosetta are all mares who have produced prolific, champion producing sons and they are all included in The Legend's pedigree. A further look at the dam line of Legend's pedigree shows that the tail female line traces back 15 generations to the mare Rodania.
The winner of the Extended Specialty for Straight Egyptian Four-Year-Old Stallions wasRadaar Love (Shahir x Semply Irazistabl, by Thee Infidel), bred and owned by Sydney Porter. Generally the quality of exotic beauty is associated with the females of the breed. However, in the case of Radaar Love the stallions in his pedigree are internationally regarded as sires of extreme type, especially Salaa El Dine and Ansata Halim Shah. The mares in the pedigree are equally esteemed as producers and are know around the world for their influential offspring - Hanan, Ansata Rosetta, Imperial Phanadah, Bint Magidaa, Pharrah, Bahila, and Bint Magida are among the most famous. The tail female line in Radaar Love's pedigree traces back eight generations to the mare Hind.

Egyptian Bred Colts....
Winning the class of Futurity Finals for Egyptian Bred Yearlings Colts wasTF Hassan (Botswana x SH Heumoresque by Euker), bred and owned by Allison Mehta. TF Hassan is a handsome individual that represents a blending of bloodlines. His sire, Botswana, is straight Egyptian and his dam, SH Heumoresque by Euker, carries Polish bloodlines. Although the idea of crossing Egyptian and Polish lines is not new, the Arabian industry has seen a tremendous revival of this concept. The results have been incredibly successful in creating champions and champion producers.
Reserve Junior Champion Colt and winner of the Futurity Finals for Egyptian Bred Two-Year-Old Colts wasPinnacle Desha (Richteous x Om El Shadina by Sanadik El Shaklan), bred and owned by Sandra and Hank DeShazer. Pinnacle Desha is a handsome, charismatic, and well bred colt. His sire, Richteous, by Richter MH and out of Bint Bint Magidaa, has a rich family history and includes many of the most influential straight Egyptian bloodlines. Pinnacle Desha's dam, Om El Shadina, is by Sanadik El Shaklan, a sire of numerous international champions, and she is out of Om El Shaina. Thus Om El Shadina has two crosses to the straight Spanish aristocratic mare, Estopa, a mare who has established numerous important and influential breeding programs around the world.

World Class Colts and Stallions....
Placing first in the class for World Class Yearling Colts was Thee Epitome RCA (The Sequel RCA x Imdala RCA by Thee Infidel), bred and owned by Rock Creek Arabians. The stallions in this colt's pedigree are some of the most influential and prolific sires of the breed - Thee Desperado, The Minstril, Ruminaja Ali, Shaikh Al Badi, Morafic, and Nazeer - it would be hard for anyone to find a stronger sire line. The tail female in the pedigree of Thee Epitome RCA traces back 15 generations to the mare Roga El Beida.
The First Place winner in World Class Two-Year-Old Colts was Shamas (Pimlico RCA x Minstrils Deseret by Thee Minstril), bred and owned by Bill James and Irma James. Shamas has a very interesting pedigree. Although he carries lines to The Minstril on both sides of his pedigree, and several lines to Ruminaja Ali and Shaikh Al Badi, he also has lines to the important sires Jamill, Galal, Alaa El Din and ultimately to Nazeer. Where would the breed be with out Nazeer? On the dam's side of Shamas' pedigree you will find Minstrils Deseret, Hannah BA, AK Karma, Tanta, Missouri, and others that trace back seven generations to the mare Mabrouka.
The winner of World Class Three-Year-Old Stallions wasThee Integrity (Thee Infidel x Thee Asriel Salam by Thee Desperado), bred by Carolyn and Doug Armstrong, and owned by Wanda and Gary Kenworthy. Every sire line in Thee Integrity's pedigree traces back to Nazeer through his son Morafic with the exception of one line that connects through his son, Alaa El Din. On his dam's side, Thee Integrity traces back 11 generations to the 1898 mare, Bint El Bahrein.
First Place in the World Class Stallions Four and Five-Years-Old was TF Afrikhan Shah (Botswana x Rohara Shahblee by Bey Shah), bred and owned by Curtis Westley. TF Afrikhan Shah is the first class winner with a pedigree that is a result of the blending of bloodlines. His sire, Botswana, is of course straight Egyptian and all of his sire lines trace to Nazeer through Morafic, Shaikh Al Badi, or The Egyptian Prince. TF Afrikhan Shah's dam side is predominantly Polish and Crabbet lines, all of which trace to desert bred horses, many of which originated in Egypt.
The Supreme Champion Stallion, Senior Champion Stallion, and Winner of the World Class Stallions Six to Nine-Years-Old wasArabest Samir (Akid Geshan x RA Amber Nabiel by Nabiel), bred by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Trapp, owned by Theron King and Susan King. In a world where family is everything, the name Arabest is highly regarded as a family of distinction. Arabest Arabians is owned by Pat and Bill Trapp, owners of the historically important sire Nabiel. Their efforts changed the face of the industry, especially for straight Egyptian breeders. In addition to Arabest Samir's obvious quality and type, this stallion offers breeders another very valuable asset. His pedigree makes him a wonderful option for mares with a high percentage of Nazeer blood because Arabest Samir has only four lines that trace to that important sire. The females in Arabest Samir's family are equally important, many are recognized for their contributions including the mares Magidaa, Fa Moniet, Moniet El Nefous, Mabrouka, and others. Arabest Samir's dam, Amber Nabiel's tail female line traces back 13 generations to the mare Rodania.
Taking the First Place in World Class Stallions Ten-Years and Older was Amiin+// (Ibn Morafic x Ajibah by Ibn Shaikh) bred by Thistlewood Farms and owned by Daniel Rupley and Summer Rupley. Amiin is a classic example of a well bred straight Egyptian stallion. In addition to the many influential sires that appear in his pedigree, the dam line is equally strong. Amiin traces back 11 generations to the mare Venus. Her daughter Hadba, by Saklawi I, was foaled in 1894 which illustrates the longevity of this historic line.

Egyptian Breeders Challenge Fillies....
Earning the First Place Award in Egyptian Breeders Challenge Fillies ATH was Sybella SMF (Majestic Noble SMF x Samura by Anaza El Farid), bred and owned by Christie and Henry Metz of Silver Maple Farm. This lovely filly combines the regal looks of her sire and the substance, character, and carriage of her spirited dam. Majestic Noble is a young stallion, but he is already proving his ability to sire foals of exceptional quality and extreme type. The mare Samura is everything one would expect from a daughter of Anaza El Farid; bay, exotic, and possessing a wonderful character and charisma. Sybella SMF traces in her tail female line 13 generations to the mare El Dahma.

Egyptian Breeders Challenge Colts....
In the Egyptian
Breeders Challenge Colts & Geldings ATH the First Place winner was Tamer Emir PG (Ansata Nile Emir x Backwind Tigris by Ansata Cairo Bey), bred and owned by Dennis and Bridgette Orwig. This winning colt is deeply Ansata bred on both the sire and dam sides of his pedigree. These bloodlines have produced national and international champions, and have become the foundation for other breeding programs around the world. Taher Emir PG traces back 15 generations to the mare Jellabiet Feysul.

It was a delight to attend this year's Egyptian Event. The horses were gorgeous, the seminars and discussions were informative and thought provoking, and the parties were a blast. But it was the people, the members and supporters of The Pyramid Society, who came together that really made the Egyptian Event so special. They created a welcoming, positive atmosphere that showcased their beautiful horses. You could feel the love and the pride, as well as the nervous excitement from the owners when the horses were being presented.
An interesting fact was revealed when a count was taken of the winners, breeders, and owners. Of the 28 champions and class winners discussed in this story, 15 of them - more than 50% - were bred by their owners. For many of the breeders, the horses they presented were second, third, and in some cases fourth generations of their programs. That fact illustrates the commitment of this particular group. For the past 28 years, the goals of The Pyramid Society have included preserving, protecting, and perpetuating straight Egyptian Arabian horses. With their high energy and deep commitment, it seems as though The Pyramid Society is doing all they can to achieve those goals and ensure a bright future for the Egyptian Arabian horse.

If you would like more information about Egyptian Arabian horses, the Egyptian Event, or The Pyramid Society, you are invited to visit their website at