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The 2009 U.S. National Arabian And Half-Arabian Purebred Halter Championships

By Beth Ellen Hunziker

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Whether you are a Prince from Saudi Arabia, a breeder living in Spain, a doctor from West Virginia, a young man from the Midwest starting out his career as a halter trainer, a breeder from California, or a collector of fine Arabian horses from Australia; there is an element, a virtue that is sought after and cherished by us all - beauty. The Arabian horse is blessed with many desirable characteristics, but beauty is perhaps the most alluring of all. Other breeds may claim to have the same or even greater spirit of nobility, the same kindness and gentle nature, but no other breed can come close to matching the Arabian horse for its perfection of form and its inspiring beauty.

At the 2009 U.S National Championships for Arabian and Half-Arabian horses, the halter division is in fact a type of beauty contest with scores given for excellence in seven categories: 1: Type, 2: Quality, Body, and Substance, 3: Legs and Feet, 4: Head, 5: Neck and Shoulder, 6: Back, Loin and Hip, and 7: Movement. But there is more at stake here than the accolades given to the horse with the highest score. The horses that are shown at this event represent the commitment of time, in some cases more than 20, 30, or even 40 years of a breeding program; the blood, sweat, and tears of breeders who devote their lives to their horses; and that does not even begin to touch on the financial commitment that is made every year to support our breed. The importance of the U.S. Nationals cannot and should not be underestimated because not only do the horses shown there represent the past efforts of breeders, owners, and trainer - they represent our future as well. With that thought in mind, let's take an in-depth look at the winners of the 2009 US National Halter Championships....


Arabian Yearling Fillies

The U.S. National Champion Yearling Filly was also the 2009 Scottsdale Junior Champion and Region 13 Champion Filly, Valori TRF (DA Valentino x Satin Chall LL by Magnum Chall HVP). Valori TRF was bred by Jordan Simon and shown by Andy Sellman for owners Margaret and Claire Larson. This lovely bay filly scored 364 points with 4 scores of 19 out of 20 for type. She is beautiful and well bred. Valori's sire is multi national champion DA Valentino who goes to Versace and Padrons Psyche, and her maternal grandsire, Magnum Chall HVP of course goes to multi national champion Magnum Psyche, the legendary Padrons Psyche and the remarkable sire of champions Don El Chall. Truly, every line of this exceptional filly's pedigree includes the names of the most influential Arabian sires and dams of the breed. Her show career is off to a fantastic start, and there is little doubt she will continue on the road to fame and fortune.

The Reserve National Champion Yearling Filly was the fancy bay Raherra (Rahere x Dyna HCF by Don El Chall). She was bred by Janice McCrea Wight of Security West Corp and shown by Rinaldo Longuini for owners Janey and Don Morse of Oak Ridge Arabians. Raherra's sire, Rahere, is an Australian import that goes back to such notable horses as GG Samir, Fame VF, and Bey Shah. Her dam contributes ties to Russian and Egyptian breeding through Prichal and Padron, and Polish lines through Aladdinn. Raherra is a striking beauty with tremendous potential both in the show ring and the breeding barn.

The yearling filly class was special for many reasons, the beauty, quality and type of the horses shown thrilled the many spectators in the stands and along the rail. It was apparent that many breeders and owners were present - there was an extra sense of anticipation as their fillies were presented. So imagine the excitement of Sally Bedeker, owner of three beautiful fillies shown in the class and that were eventually all selected as Top Ten winners. Bella Versace DH (Versace x SCH Emerald by Mishaah) was bred by Diana Huddleston and shown by Greg Hazelwood. It appears that this dark bay filly has not a speck of white on her, but her beauty and quality was easy to see. She has the strong body one would expect from a filly with lines to Versace and El Shaklan as well as the fire of Bey Shah who appears in both her sire and dam lines. Another entry of Sally Bedeker's was the exquisite Duchess Of Marwan (Marwan Al Shaqab x Amety B by Eternety). Duchess was bred by Stephanie and Roger McMahon and is a full sibling to Goddess of Marwan, Angel of Marwan, Princess of Marwan and others. Through her exceptional progeny, including Duchess of Marwan, Amety B has created a dynasty of daughters that rival all others in their extreme type and quality. Duchesses of Marwan was shown to her national win by Steven Heathcott. The third entry from Sally Bedeker was the amazing chestnut filly Symphony Of Love (El Nabila B x HED Carumba by Magnum Psyche), bred by the Legacy Partners LLC. This tall, typey filly lit up the ring with her trainer John Rannenberg. Symphony Of Love has a pedigree that combines the best of the best from Russian line through the stallion Kubinec, Egyptian lines through the mare Elf Layla Walayla B, Russian and Spanish lines through Magnum Psyche, and Polish lines through the mare HED Cajun Queen.

The second daughter of multi-national champion DA Valentino to be named in the Top Ten was DM Valencea (x HED Carumba by Magnum Psyche). She was also bred by the Legacy Partners LLC and shown by Rick Moser for owners Dan and Maureen Grossman. Another Top Ten winner sired by Marwan Al Shaqab was GC Asiana (x GC Whispering Echo by Echo Magnifficoo); she was shown by Michael Byatt for breeder and owner Gerry Canda. There was yet another pair of very special sisters; these were sired by the multi-national champion stallion, Magnum Chall HVP. Showing the depth of quality in the class was the gorgeous chestnut filly, RD Challs Angel (x Bey Angel TGS by Shahllenger), bred by Wind Dancer Farms and shown by Sandro Pinha for owners Pegasus Arabians, she was also the 2009 AHBA Breeders World Cup Champion Yearling Filly. Her paternal sister, a striking grey filly with exceptional type and conformation, Chanel AF (x Lalique AF by Psymadre) was bred by Janet Aston and shown by Keith Krichke for owner Kay Stone Buford or Riverview Arabians. Although the stallion QR Marc is no longer living in the United States, he certainly left his mark through his wonderful offspring including his lovely daughter, Marc Of Beauty AF (x Psylaila AF by Psymadre) that was shown to a Top Ten win by Terry Holmes for breeder and owner Janet Aston.

Arabian Futurity Fillies

One of the most dominant breeding programs at this year's national championships was Battle Hill Farm owned by Drs. Lyn Smith and Doris Ragsdale. This quiet and unassuming couple created a tremendous amount of excitement with the extraordinary group of horses they had presented at the show. Class after class, individuals bearing the BHF initials, or sired by their stallions, were among the Champions and Top Ten winners. One of those horses was US National Champion Futurity Filly, Falcons Lovenote BHF (Falcon BHF x BHF Shahs Luvsong by Bey Shah). This glorious grey filly, shown by Keith Krichke, took your breath away with her beauty and charm. She was very reminiscent of her paternal grand dam, Bey Serenade SF, a multi-national champion mare and perhaps one of the most influential dams in the country.

The US National Reserve Champion Futurity Filly was a paternal sibling to the Champion. RD Fabreanna (Falcon BHF x GF Simply Magic by Magic Dream CAHR) was bred by Shirley and Murray Popplewell and shown by Andy Sellman for owners Margaret and Claire Larson. Often times there is a correlation between the color and the quality among a sire's offspring. Although RD Fabreanna differs in color from her paternal sister, Falcons Lovenote BHF, there is a definite similarity in quality. Both fillies have exceptional type, conformation, height, movement and style.

There was yet a third representative of the Battle Hill Farm breeding program, Dulcinea BHF (Denali BHF by Falcon BHF x Felisha BHF by Falcon BHF) was bred by Battle Hill Farm and shown by Rinaldo Longuini for owners Carlos and Christiane Roizner. This exciting bay filly, which is the result of very close breeding, won more than one top honor at the show - more on her later.

The sire Gazal Al Shaqab has firmly established himself as one of the most influential sires of the breed through his get and grand get. He had two daughters in the Top Ten in the class for Futurity Fillies; WC Gorgeous Gazal (Gazal al Shaqab x Lady Bey Khelishah by Bey Shah), shown by Jeff Schall for breeder and owner Holly Woods Dillin, and Im Dazzling (Gazal Al Shaqab x Im Dancing by Psymadre), bred by Jill Mora Lambert and presented by Rich Simpkins for owners Gerald and Jill Mora Lambert.

If the future of the breed was determined only by the quality of the 2009 Top Ten Futurity Fillies, then we could all rest assured. Not only are these fillies beautiful, their physical quality is a reflection of their genetic quality and there in lies the promise for a bright future. Fadila PCF (Magnum Chall HVP x Forelady HVP by AF Don Giovani), bred by Veronica and Greg Cowdry and shown by Sandro Pinha for owners Pegasus Arabians, represents the strength and diversity of international breeding programs from the United States, Brazil, and others. The filly New York Thymes (Pyro Thyme SA x Juliette DGL by Padrons Psyche) was bred by Joseph Bradley and shown by Jerry Schall for owner Brad Herman. Her pedigree boasts national champions and producers of national champions on both sides. CCover Girl (Magnum Psyche x LA Diva BSA by Allionce) was bred by Lynn and Bruce Bates and shown by Ted Carson for Owners Cedarbrook Arabians LLC. This amazing filly's sire is one of the leading producers of champions in the breed and the performance national champions in her pedigree no doubt contributed greatly to her outstanding carriage and movement. The dark mahogany beauty, EVG Ghislenne (Pershahn El Jamaal x Gisele by Padrons Psyche), shown by Greg Gallun for breeders and owners Evergreen Arabians LLC, is an inspiration for what can be accomplished by combining the Ali Jamaal and Bey Shah lines - through her sire Pershahn El Jamaal - and the Padrons Psyche and Bask lines through her dam, Gisele. Padrons Psyche showed his continued influence in the Top Ten filly PA Miss Noon Tyme (PA Hi-Noon x Miss Pryme Tyme by Padrons Psyche). This filly, bred by Timothy Beitz and shown by Greg Hazelwood for owner John Nord, traces to Psyche through his son Magnum Psyche on her sire side and also through her dam, Miss Pryme Tyme.

Arabian Junior Mares, Three to Five-Years-Old

The title of U.S. National Champion Junior Mare is a title that is coveted by Arabian horse breeders and owners around the world. Winning a Top Ten in the Futurity Fillies class was sweet, but the icing on the cake for owners Carlos and Christiane Roizner was having their mare Dulcinea BHF (Denali BHF by Falcon BHF x Felisha BHF by Falcon BHF), win the title of US National Champion Junior Mare. The beautiful Dulcinea BHF was bred by Battle Hill Farm and shown by Rinaldo Longuini. The fact that Dulcinea is the offspring of a mating of paternal siblings caused some consternation among viewers - but the result speaks for itself. The diversity of her pedigree comes through her grand dams. On the sire side there is NV Ali Bey, she contributes Ali Jamaal and Bey Shah lines while on the dam side, Tevkah contributes Russian lines through Muscat, and her Egyptian lines go back to Ansata Ibn Halima twice. Dulcinea BHF is a beautiful and well-bred filly that has great potential to contribute to the breed.

The Reserve National Champion Junior Mare was the beautiful and feminine Abha Palma (Marwan Al Shaqab x Abha Ghazali by El Perfecto), bred by Ganaderia Ses Planes and presented by Michael Byatt for owner Abdullah Bin Fahd Bin Abdullah Al-Saud. Marwan Al Shaqab had an extremely strong presence at the show with winning get in every halter class for both males and females. And although there were many offspring sired by Marwan, Abha Palma truly stood out from among her siblings. She has her own unique look, style, and charm. Palma is utterly feminine with a face to die for. Her dam is the lovely straight Spanish mare Abha Ghazali, a national champion of Spain and an international champion throughout Europe. Abha Ghazali was sired by El Perfecto and out is out of U.S. National Champion Mare, Abha Hamir.

Although the show is called the US National Championships, it truly is an international event in terms of the breeders, owners, trainers, and horses that participate in the competition. Earning a Top Ten award in the class was another representative of the Battle Hill Farm breeding program, Mystic Rose BHF (Padrons Psyche x NV Ali Bey by Ali Jamaal). Mystic Rose BHF was shown by Keith Krichke for owners Whiterock Ranch LLC. The beautiful bay mare Pinga, (Gazal Al Shaqab x Pilar by Fawor), was bred by the internationally acclaimed Janow Podlaski State Stud Farm and shown by Greg Gallun for Frank & Frank Partners LLC. Pinga delighted the crowd with feminine beauty and refinement - she is exactly what we have come to expect from the Polish breeders in terms of quality and type and she did not disappoint us. True Desire LL (Ames Charisma x Serenata El Jamaal by Parys El Jamaal) was bred by Laura and Ron Armstrong and was shown by Andy Sellman for owners Mystica Arabians. This gorgeous chestnut mare has won the hearts of breeders, owners, trainers, and judges who appreciate her exotic type and exceptional conformation. She was a strong contender in a very deep class of mares.

As the class for Junior Mares proceeded, each mare that was presented took the class to a higher and higher level of excellence. Among the most beautiful was Donna Fantastykah RB (Don El Chall x Sabah El Kair RB by Nyzzak HCF). This mare was bred by Adriana Espindola De Moura and shown by Rodolfo Guzzo for owners Robert and Dixie North and the North Family Trust. There is no doubt this mare lives up to her name - she truly is fantastic. One of Magnum Psyche's most lovely daughters is Magnificent PPA (Magnum Psyche x Countess Olenska by Mafier). This wonderful young mare is tall and very pretty; she has a beautiful head with large eyes and a very feminine look. She's a good mover and her silvery coat makes her stand out from other Magnum daughters. Magnificent PPA was bred by Cassandra Piner and shown by Ted Carson for owner Nina Novembre. Many of the Marwan Al Shaqab offspring share his dark good looks, but his daughter Nyn Sanaa Ya Imara (x Nyn Imara Versace by Versace) is an amber-colored gem. This is a young mare of extreme quality and type, and with her dam line tracing to the stallion Versace, his dam Precious As Gold and her sire, El Shaklan; there is little doubt that this mare will be a wonderful breeding horse as well. Nyn Sanaa Ya Imara was shown by Mike Neal for breeders and owners David and Lee Black.

Arabian Senior Mares Six-Years-Old and Over

Although the class for Senior Mares was very small - there were only 11 entries - the quality was wonderful. Whether you liked the style that each individual represented or not, I believe we all owe a debt of gratitude to the breeders, owners, and trainers who brought this wonderful group of mares to the national championships, and we should show them our appreciation for their support of our industry.

It was an honor to stand in the presence of a mare as beautiful as the US National Champion, Felisha BHF (Falcon BHF x Tevkah by Muscat). Keith Krichke presented this exquisite grey mare for her breeders and owners, Battle Hill Farm. Not only is Felisha a national champion, she is the dam of a national champion. In fact Felisha BHF may have set a new breed record as the only Arabian mare to be named US National Champion Senior Mare at the same show that her daughter Dulcinea BHF was named US National Champion Junior Mare! Congratulations are certainly in order for the breeders - what a wonderful and important contribution they have made to the Arabian horse breed.

Congratulations also go to US National Reserve Champion Senior Mare, Island Elegance (Couturier x Island Mist by GH Venture), and her breeder, Patrick Simmonds; her trainer, Jeff Schall, and her owner, Donald James. This lovely mare boast some very influential family members including Versace, Fame VF, El Shaklan, Bey Shah and other notables all of which certainly contributed to her outstanding quality.

Additional honors in the class were awarded to Abha Myra (Marwan Al Shaqab x ZT Ludjkalba by Ludjin El Jamaal). This beautiful grey mare, bred by Marieta Salas Zaforteza and shown by Michael Byatt for owners Al Shaqab Stud, is no stranger to the show ring. In 2006 Abha Myra was also named US National Reserve Champion Junior Mare. It was wonderful to see her back in the show ring for all of us to enjoy. Another beautiful mare that shared the ring that evening was the Magnum Psyche daughter Estancia LL (x CF Khashmir by Khemosabi). Estancia LL was bred by Summermist Farms and shown by Rodolfo Guzzo for owner Laetitia Darenberg. She is stamped with the "Magnum look" - tall, refined, pretty, chestnut, and very elegant, very feminine. Estancia LL is also a previous US National Top Ten winner. It is hard to imagine that ten of the mares in that class did not receive an award that evening, perhaps it's something we should consider for future shows to encourage more participation.

Arabian Yearling Colt/Geldings

The class for Yearling colts is always a class that creates a high level of excitement and anticipation - after all - these are the stallions of tomorrow. It fulfilled that promise with a good level of participation with 30 entries in the class. Several sires had offspring among the Top Ten yearling colts; each of these sires has been named National Champion at least once, and some have earned multiple national championship titles. DA Valentino had four sons take top honors, Magnum Chall HVP had two sons in the Top Ten, and Marwan Al Shaqab, TF Psymreekhe, MPA Giovanni, and Eden C each had one son among the Top Ten winners. These yearling colts have much to accomplish if they are to follow in their sire's footsteps.

The US National Champion Yearling Colt is the DA Valentino son, Vitorio To (x Sol Natique by Solstice). He was bred by Ed and Maureen Norton of Thirteen Oaks and shown by Steve Heathcott for owners Dan and Maureen Grossman of Stoneridge Arabians and Don and Janey Morse of Oakridge Arabians. Certainly Vitorio To's win must have brought back many fond memories for the Grossmans of the years that they owned and showed his sire, DA Valentino, to many of his National Championship wins. Vitorio To has a wonderful sire line that includes Versace, Fame VF, Bey Shah, Bay El Bey and so on. And although he has direct ties to the world-famous Varian breeding program, Vitorio To's pedigree is strongly influenced by Russian heritage through Padrons Psyche; his sire, Padron; Salon, and Naborr. These are all world-class stallions as well as some of the most influential sires of the breed.

The US National Reserve Champion Yearling Colt is El Chall WR (Magnum Chall HVP x Major Love Affair by DS Major Afire). El Chall was bred by Donald Camacho, Jr. and presented by Rodolfo Guzzo for owners Robert and Dixie North and the North Family Trust. Earlier in the year El Chall WR was named Region I Champion and the AHBA Breeders World Cup Champion Senior Yearling Colt and Reserve Champion Supreme Junior Stallion. These titles reflect the respect he has earned for his outstanding quality and type. El Chall WR's sire, Magnum Chall HVP, and his dam, Major Love Affair, are national champions as well as national champion producers - El Chall WR is on his way to continuing his family's tradition of excellence.

The Top Ten Yearling Colt Troubadour PA, was also sired by Magnum Chall HVP (x Psyches Secret by Padrons Psyche). He was shown by Sandro Pinha for breeders and owners Pegasus Arabians. It will be interesting to watch this colt as he matures and begins his breeding career. His sire is already a highly acclaimed producer, but his dam may have a very positive influence as well; she is by Padrons Psyche and out of a Bey Shah daughter who goes back to the legendary sire Shaikh Al Badi.

The Top Ten winner Onitnelav (DA Valentino x Royal Ghazallah by Marwan Al Shaqab) was shown by his breeder and owner William Jackson Jr. One does not need to look very far to see that Onitnelav has national champions throughout his pedigree, thus providing him a very promising future in the show ring and the breeding barn. Another Top Ten son of DA Valentino was Vvaliante (x Kkissthe stars by NV Elite), bred by Donna Hammond and shown by Rinaldo Longuini for owner Sally Bedeker. With the fine group of mares that Sally Bedeker has collected, Vvaliante has an excellent chance to sire champions in the future. Valente LD is another a son of DA Valentino (x Queen Adiamonds by Magnum Psyche) to win a Top Ten in the class. Valente LD was shown by Alcides Rodrigues for breeders and owners Les and Diane Van Dyke. Valente LD has double the chances of producing exceptional offspring - he has at least two crosses to the legendary Padrons Psyche, and there are four multiple national champions or producers of national champions in the first two generations of his pedigree.

A Top Ten winner in the yearling colt class was the Marwan Al Shaqab son, Baahir El Marwan (x HB Bessolea by Besson Carol). He was bred by the Taylor Arabians and shown by Andy Sellman for owners The Baahir Group. Baahir is a handsome grey colt with a proven pedigree. In addition to his national champion sire, Marwan Al Shaqab, Baahir's dam line is very strong as well with lines to Ali Jamaal, Ruminaja Ali, Padron, Bask, Aladdinn, and other influential sires. The Top Ten yearling colt Spitfyre VF (TF Psymreekhe x Red Flame BRSB by Red Bear) was bred by Ventura Farms and shown by Claudinei Machado for owner Mike Steenhart. This colt also has a very interesting pedigree; it includes Russian lines through Padrons Psyche, Polish lines through Bask and Aladdinn, Egyptian lines through Ibn El Mareekh and Morafic, Bey Shah lines, Khemosabi, and Spanish lines through AN Malik. Each of these stallions is listed among the leading sires of the world.

Next in the Top Ten colts was Giovialli XX (MPA Giovanni x MFA Love Ntyme by El Picon), bred by Thomas and Diane Van Groll and Michael Van Handel and shown by Greg Hazelwood for owner Terry Anne Boggs. This colt has a pedigree that is prepotent in producing classic Arabian type; horses such as Versace, El Shaklan, Padrons Psyche, Ali Jamaal, and Bey Shah appear among his ancestors. The final colt to be named in the Top Ten yearling colts is TS Enspired (Eden C x Echos Ember by Echo Magnifficoo) shown by Ricardo Rivero for breeders and owners George and Mary Morrison-Bundy. This colt bears a strong resemblance to his sire; National Champion, Eden C; his grandsire, National Champion, Enzo; his great grandsire, Reserve National Champion, Padrons Psyche; and to his great, great grandsire, National Champion, Padron - there seems to be a definite trend developing in this family.

Arabian Futurity Colts

Every National Championship show has memorable moments and one of the most memorable of the 2009 US National Championships was the class for Futurity Colts. The hopes and dreams of many breeders and owners pranced into the Tulsa show ring along with the ambition to earn the title of US National Champion Futurity Colt. However, from the moment he stepped into the arena, one horse owned it - Bey Ambition (Regal Actor JP x Bey Shahs Lady by Bey Shah), bred by Lucy Whittier and shown by Claudinei Machado for owners Murray and Shirley Popplewell. The crowd didn't quite know what to think when Claudinei dashed into the ring with Bey Ambition and then abruptly stopped. Ambition bounced around in a tight circle and stopped to survey the ring and the crowd of spectators - then he gave a loud snort and trotted off - the crowd went wild! They loved him! Claudinei walked Ambition along the rail and the colt greeted the crowds that had gathered there like old friends. So when Claudinei walked Ambition into center ring to present him to the judges, Ambition ignored the judges and instead looked to the crowd for their approval - which they gladly gave him. It was pure fun and high spirits. In the end, Bey Ambition was named Champion - perhaps as much for his charming character and temperament as for his excellent type and conformation. It would be a dream come true for him to pass those qualities on to future generations.

Another crowd favorite in the class was the Reserve National Champion, Aria Impresario (Marwan Al Shaqab x GC Echlectica by Echo Magnifficoo), bred by Gerry Canda and shown by Michael Byatt for owners the Sloan Family Impresario Holding. This colt has now won two national championship titles in addition to the reserve national championship won in this class. It's an impressive show career achieved by an impressive young stallion. Impresario has national champions and equally important national champion producers everywhere throughout his pedigree - it's the perfect formula for future success.

The Futurity Colts class truly was an outstanding "breeders" class. Almost every one of the winning colts represents a significant achievement by several well-established breeding farms. Battle Hill Farm had yet another remarkable representative from their program with the colt, Beijing BHF (Falcon BHF x Felisha BHF by Falcon BHF) shown by Keith Krichke. This colt was also very reminiscent of his grand dam, National Champion Mare Bey Serenade SF, and he was the second winning offspring from their newly crowned National Champion Senior Mare, Felisha BHF. The Falcon BHF son, TF Royal Shahbaz (x TH Maya Naufali by Thee Desperado), was shown by Mike Wilson for breeder and owner Curtis Westley. This colt is unique in that he combines the Bey Shah lines of his sire, Falcon BHF, with the straight Egyptian lines of his dam - the result is an extremely typey colt with a lot of style and quality.

Marwan Al Shaqab had a tremendous influence on the Futurity Colt class of 2009. He sired five of the Top Ten winners - all from a group of mares with diverse bloodlines. WH Patriot (x WH Rosette by Magnum Psyche), was shown by Travis Hansen for his father; breeder and owner Wendell Hansen. The Hansens have been breeding Arabian horses for well over twenty years. The colt OFW Mariachi (x OFW Balarina by RSD Dark Victory), was shown by Greg Gallun for breeders and owners Harold and Dolly Orr. Harold and Dolly are also long time breeders of national champions, but Dolly still seems to enjoy the success of her horses as much today as ever. US National Top Ten Futurity Colt, PS Andiamo (x Sidcerelys Echo by Echo Magnifficoo), was bred by Sheila and Peter Stewart and shown by Jeff Schall for owner Don Olvey. Andiamo is a bright chestnut son of Marwan and offers a unique blend of Spanish bloodlines through the very popular sires Sidi-Brahim and Fadjur that appear in his pedigree. Alijahandro is another son of Marwan Al Shaqab (x Alija Cherie by Ali Jamaal). He was bred by Nora and Ray Tatum and shown by Andy Sellman for owners Michael Byatt and Nieves Maylor. The Tatums have been breeding beautiful Arabians for many years and have had exceptional success in producing champions using the Ali Jamaal bloodlines. The exciting dark bay Marwan son, MCA Prince Marwan (x MCA Eternal Secret by Eternety), shown by Jerry Schall for breeder and owner Gary Buxton, is a true reflection of his pedigree. In him you can see characteristics of his national champion predecessors; Marwan, Fame, and Bey Shah, as well as Eternety, El Shaklan, Padron, Padrons Psyche, and Echo Magnifficoo.

Rounding out the Top Ten in the Futurity Colts was Gemini VII (Legacy of Fame x Precious Legacy by Legacy Of Fame) shown by Sandro Pinha for breeders and owners Ron and Judy Schmidt. This is a super typey bay colt that may be a valuable outcross for the daughters of Gazal Al Shaqab, Marwan Al Shaqab, and others, including the prolific sons of Padrons Psyche. Gemini VII is the result of crossing a daughter to her sire which of course doubles all his lines to Fame VF and Bey Shah, etc, as well as precious lines to Bask which should never be overlooked or underestimated for their ability to produce exceptional quality offspring.

Arabian Junior Stallions, Three to Five-Years-Old

The title of US National Champion Junior Stallion was awarded to Aria Impresario (Marwan Al Shaqab x GC Echlectica by Echo Magnifficoo). As stated earlier Aria Impresario was bred by Gerry Canda and shown by Michael Byatt for owners the Sloan Family Impresario Holding. It was a strong group with 18 entries, several of which had been presented in the Futurity Colt class. This is the second national championship title for Aria Impresario and thus he is following in his father's footsteps - Marwan Al Shaqab earned the title of US National Champion Junior Stallion twice. As a sire, Marwan Al Shaqab has equaled or exceeded the number of foals produced by his father, Gazal Al Shaqab, with well over 400 registered sons and daughters - many of which are national and international champions and Aria Impresario stands out as one of his best get. With all the attention that this new achievement will create, Aria Impresario is emerging from the shadows of his illustrious sire and grandsire and stepping into the light as the next generation of this champion producing line of sires.

Earning the title of US National Reserve Champion Junior Sire was Marhaabah (Marwan Al Shaqab x Shalina El Jamaal by Parys El Jamaal) bred by Sandra and Hank De Shazer and presented by Greg Gallun for owners The Marhaabah Legacy Group. Marhaabah is a paternal brother to the champion of the class, and although they share the same great sire line, Marhaabah's dam has contributed a completely unique set of qualities that separates and differentiates Marhaabah from his siblings. Marhaabah's dam is the 2003 US National Champion Junior Mare, Shalina El Jamaal. She was also named 2001 US National Reserve Champion Futurity Filly. As one can guess, she carries the legendary champion producing lines of Ali Jamaal through her sire, Parys El Jamaal; and she carries lines to Bey Shah, Bask, and Naborr through her dam, Shahlina. Marhaabah is a handsome colt with a strong pedigree and the potential to be an exceptional producer.

Also in the Top Ten were two more sons of Marwan Al Shaqab including RHR Marcedes (x Ellegant Dream by Magic Dream CAHR) bred by Stephanie and Roger McMahon and shown by Greg Hazelwood for the Don Manuel Arabians LLC. RHR Marcedes was the 2008 Canadian National Champion Futurity Colt and it was extremely generous of his owners, Peter and Trish Kessler, to provide us the opportunity to see this handsome and exciting stallion again. RHR Marcedes' pedigree is somewhat similar to that of Marhaabah's because both dams carry lines to Ali Jamaal, but his color as well as his type is remarkably different - the preference is subjective. Marjestic WA (Marwan Al Shaqab x Maraga WA By Desert Heat VF) bred by Richard and Andrea Wadsworth and shown by Jeff Schall for owner Lisa East. Marjestic WA is a classic, dark bay stallion with a strong body, short back, lovely neck and handsome face. His pedigree offers a blend of the Marwan Al Shaqab lines with those of National Champion Desert Heat VF.

Other Top Ten winners included Maddox Van Ryad (Ryad El Jamaal x Barbara Van Kaset by AAF Kaset) was bred by Agropec Vanguarda and shown by Rinaldo Longuini for his owner Sally Bedeker. This exciting grey colt has a look that is quite different than the offspring of Marwan Al Shaqab that dominated the class. His breeding would explain that difference: he has several lines to Egyptian breeding on his sire's side through Ali Jamaal, El Shaklan, and the mare Rose of Cameo by Anasata Ibn Halima. On his dam's side, Maddox carries more Egyptian lines, again through El Shaklan and also through the tail female line of his dam, which is straight Egyptian. However, Maddox also carries a strong line of Polish breeding through his maternal grandsire, US National Champion Stallion AAF Kaset, by US National Champion Stallion Aladdinn. Top Ten winner Ever After NA (Sir Fames HBV x Entaicyng by Aicyng) is a very typey bay stallion that was presented by Rodolfo Guzzo for breeders and owners Robert and Dixie North and the North Family Trust. Ever After NA already has two National titles: 2008 US National Reserve Champion Futurity Colt and 2007 Canadian National Reserve Champion Two-Year-Old Colt. In addition he has already sired an impressive foal crop, primarily from the North's own exceptional group of mares, many of course have lines to Padrons Psyche. Ever After NA has begun to make a name for himself as a successful show horse and as a sire.

Also in the Top Ten was Mastermind M (Thee Masterpiece x Jal Salita by Paavo) bred by Bruce or Terry McLaughlin and shown by Matthew Gales for owner Athala King. This stallion created a buzz with many asking about his breeding. Some looked at his sire's name and assumed he was Egyptian bred - an easy mistake to make. Mastermind M is in fact very heavily Russian bred as his sire, Thee Masterpiece, is by Padrons Psyche and out of a Menes daughter that is Russian through her dam as well. Mastermind M has further ties to Russian lines through his dam Jal Salita who traces to Patron through her sire and to Ponomarev, Salon and Padron through her dam. Mastermind M is handsome and athletic and worthy of his spot in the top ten. Completing the Top Ten was EVG Gentry (Pershahn El Jamaal x Gisele by Padrons Psyche) bred by the Evergreen Arabians and shown by Andy Sellman for owners Frank and Sara Chisholm. In a group of horses of such high quality as those in this Junior Stallion class, it was a challenge to stand out and to catch the judges' attention. EVG Gentry has the quality, size, and type to make a favorable and lasting impression. EVG Gentry has the type and beauty of the Ali Jamaal lines through his sire, Pershahn El Jamaal, the spirit and charisma of Bey Shah through both his sire and dam, and he carries the size and exotic style of Padrons Psyche through his dam, Gisele. EVG Gentry impressed the judges with his quality, which he is sure to pass on to the next generation.

Arabian Senior Stallions, Six & Over

The judges' choice for the title of US National Champion Stallion was Dakharo (Dakar El Jamaal x FOF Kharolina by Padrons Psyche) bred by Joyce Gildersleeve and shown by Michael Byatt for HRH Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz. It was a thrill to see this stallion in the ring again. Dakharo has been a favorite here in the United States where he was bred and raised, and he has earned the highest championship honors throughout Europe and the Middle East as well. Some of his titles include: 2009 Supreme Champion Junior Stallion - AHBA World Cup, Las Vegas, Nevada; 2008 Champion Senior Male - Dubai International Show; 2007 Champion Senior Male - Elran Cup, Borgloon; 2007 Champion Senior Male - Mediterranean Championships, Menton, France; 2007 Champion Senior Male - World Championship, Salon du Cheval, Paris, France; 2006 Champion Senior Male - Sharja International Show, etc. Dakharo is one of the most highly decorated stallions in the world. He has a regal look and a pedigree that is full of the aristocrats of the Arabian horse breed. With his noble bearing and royal lineage, Dakharo is a stallion worthy of a prince.

The US National Reserve Champion Stallion was Art Dekko TT (Audacious PS x HC Amareea by Echo Magnifficoo) bred by Dale and Gloria Hotchkiss and shown by Jeff Schall for owner Noel Bosse. This is a stallion that appeals to those who appreciate art and beauty. Art Deco was a style that was introduced in the early 20th century; today that style is considered a classic. Art Dekko TT is a classic Arabian stallion with all of the characteristics that define the breed, type beauty, carriage and charisma. His pedigree is full of national champions and national champion producers and it is certain that he will continue to produce those same classic qualities.

Also taking US National Top Ten honors in the Senior Stallion class was LD Pistal (Magnum Psyche x Halana by Hal Gibby) bred by Marian and Al Corrow and presented by Rinaldo Longuini for owners LD Pistal Partners LLC. LD Pistal comes from a long line of national and international champions including his sire, Magnum Psyche, a multi international champion; and his dam, Halana, was a Canadian National Champion as well. US National Top Ten Senior Stallion Shaddofax (Justafire DGL x R Colette by Pardons Psyche) was bred by Rohara Arabians, Morning Star Arabians, and Barbara Jarabek and was shown by Joseph Alberti II for owners the Chestnut Hill Arabians. Shaddofax is the product of a collaborative effort by some of the most respected and successful breeders in the United States. They combined the athletic abilities of Justafire DGL with the champion producing lines of Padron Psyche. The result was the stallion Shaddofax, an individual with all of those qualities that stands ready to contribute them to the next generation of champions.


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